Franchising Opportunities and a Brighter Future with TutorVille

Houston Moms is proud to partner with TutorVille who provides incredible opportunities to help strengthen the Houston community.

Finding a meaningful business endeavor can be quite a challenge. We all want to positively impact the world around us and create lasting change, but where do we begin?

If helping children succeed academically is your calling, but you’re just not sure if teaching in a traditional classroom is in your wheelhouse, consider TutorVille.

TutorVille has been supporting children with its tailored approach that focuses on each child’s specific needs and learning style since 2009. Thousands of students have been empowered and equipped with the tools they’ve needed for educational success.

With TutorVille, you have the ability to create more confident and prepared students, making the future a whole lot brighter. 

Tutorville tutor helps student

TutorVille’s Mission

Great grades are one thing but nurturing the intellectual and emotional growth of each student is the foundation of TutorVille. Tutors strive to be a support source for each child, giving guidance to boost confidence and assurance so that their successes extend outside the classroom.

TutorVille values a holistic approach that puts students first. Each individual is treated as such. There is no “one size fits all” technique for tutoring students, so TutorVille’s team customizes its style for each student’s educational plan.

Unlike other franchises, TutorVille doesn’t have their own curriculum. They tutor your student for exactly what they are learning in school and address the specific areas where they need help. Services include an accredited K-12 homeschool program that is facilitated by the tutors, tutoring in all subjects and foreign languages for Pre-K – College, test prep for all standardized tests and a college prep program to assist with applications, essays and ACT/SAT prep. 

Another key differentiator is the TutorVille Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that offers scholarships to students who are battling cancer and have had their education impacted by their diagnosis. A portion of each franchise fee is donated back to the foundation in honor of the new franchisee. 

A Franchise Forging the Future

TutorVille offers the opportunity to make a true investment in the future. You have the chance to be a part of TutorVille’s ultimate goal: to rethink and reimagine how children learn. 

Under $88K can give you the ability to not only impact the lives of children as they grow and learn, but also find financial stability and freedom. With TutorVille, you don’t have to quit your day job. You can continue to work your job while starting your TutorVille franchise, setting your own flexible schedule, creating your new business on your terms. 

TutorVille tutor helps young girl with reading

You avoid costly overhead expenses, because TutorVille is wherever your students need you to be. Tutoring takes places in home or at the client’s preferred location (clubhouse, parent’s office, library). And, you don’t have to maintain full time employees as a new TutorVille strategic partner. Simply hire motivated, passionate tutoring contractors as needed. Easy!

The financial benefits of a TutorVille franchise are in your hands. By tutoring, doing test and college prep and providing homeschool support for students, TutorVille saw over $600,000 in annual gross revenues in 2021.

Join in now, as TutorVille expects that by the end of 2027, almost $280 billion will be spent annually on private tutoring! 

Taking the Next Step

Look into franchising with TutorVille, and begin your application process today!

Throughout the entire process, you will learn more and more about what benefits of TutorVille, for you, your family and the Houston community. A qualified specialist will help guide and support you through the initial application, answering any question or concerns you may have. 

When your application and financial information are approved, you will get to meet face-to-face with a TutorVille Franchise Recruiter to better understand the amazing and important step you are making.

teenage boy works on schoolwork

To make sure you are prepared and equipped with the know-how needed, you will then get to observe the operating system and meet with management at TutorVille’s Corporate Office right here in Houston! You will receive tons of information and feedback that will help you successfully become a TutorVille strategic partner!

Once you are approved as a franchisee, any other questions or concerns you may have will be cleared up for you at an orientation training, leaving you more than ready to take on this incredibly worthwhile endeavor!

If you’re interested in exploring these franchising options, head over to the TutorVille site for more information!


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