Friday Favorites:: Edition 10

Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhoustonFridays are my day. They are either no-work or little-work days for me – so no wonder I love them!

In honor of Friday being my favorite day, here are a few things that are on my favorites list right now.

TV Watching

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, so when I do, I binge an entire season or two. The Umbrella Academy, available on Netflix, is definitely bing-worthy. The show stars Ellen Page as one of 7 “siblings”, each with their own unique superpowers and super demons. It’s got time travel, sibling rivalry, saving the world, and  {I think} an alien all wrapped up into one show. It’s a show you can spend an entire day watching in your jammies with your butt firmly planted on your couch.

A very close second show is Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist on NBC. I found this show through another HMB contributor, Britany B. And well, Oh. My. Goodness. This show gives you all the feels – all of them. The lead character, Zoey, goes in for an MRI and comes out with the ability to hear people’s true thoughts and feelings – through song. This show is one you watch in bed, tissues nearby, with your family wondering where the heck you are.

Personal Indulgence

What I lack in TV watching, I make up with reading. My husband is always amazed {annoyed} how I can easily read a book in a day {spoiler alert, all my books are light, easy reads}. With Kindle Unlimited, I have seemingly millions of titles I can borrow all without having to leave my house. For someone who can read 3 to 4 books a week, it’s worth the $9.99 subscription price.

I Can’t Believe This Actually Works Product

I love Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper. My daughter and I frequently discuss her latest pops on her Insta. {yes, it’s a weird way of bonding with your kid. #sorrynotsorry}. When I started getting backne for the first time ever, thanks to menopause, and the stuff I found at Wal-Mart wasn’t working, I decided to give her SLMD Body Acne System a try. I wasn’t expecting much, TBH – and boy, was I wrong! The acne that had been on my back for months literally disappeared in 3 days after I started using the products. It made me love her all the more.

Work Productivity

This pandemic has made me change my entire way of doing business, including moving nearly everything I do to a digital format, including training a new employee. I recently discovered Google Keep. I’m sure many of you are way ahead on apps that help you with your productivity, and I know there are so many out there. What I like about Keep is its simplicity. I don’t have time to input and code things. With Keep, I can code them via color and title. It’s a quick, easy way for me to put my thoughts down to digital that allows my employees to review and learn from.

Life-Changing Program

A little over 5  years ago, my husband was in the final stages of getting his pie shop ready to open, developing his main recipes. My kitchen became the test kitchen. I’d come home from wherever I was and there would be 5 different pies sitting on my island counter, with slices ready for me to taste test. It was glorious. And totally fattening. Before I knew it, I put on 40 lbs., and didn’t like how I felt or looked. I eventually found my way to Stronger U. I was paired with my own coach, and given macros to follow. I lost the weight, but more importantly, I learned how to manage my food intake and was able to take total control of my nutrition and weight. Fair warning, if you’re looking for the instant fix, this is not the program for you. It requires some serious dedication on your part. But, if you’re willing to put in the work, it can change your life completely. I am healthier – and most importantly happier – than I’ve ever been because I’m in total control of my nutrition. Plus, the CEO, coaches, and community of SU’ers are just about the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

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Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

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