Haute Mess Mamas and Family Holiday Pajamas

family in matching holiday pajamas sits by fireFamily. Beepin’. Pajamas. I’m all about ‘em! Okay, I’m lying my chunky wide behind off. Before I actually had kids, I really thought I was going to be THAT mom. The one with all the coordinating outfits for all the kids for all the seasonal events and such. Turns out, I am the mom that just hopes everyone exits their room in clean/not excessively wrinkled attire that mostly fits and at least sort of matches the color and theme of the seasonal event and such. Whatevs. We do what we can. Hope is not all lost though. This year might actually be the year. Who cares that two thirds of my kids have already reached legal drinking age? It’s never too late to bask in the holiday spirit while basking in matching family holiday pajamas.

Intended Audience

I know some of you moms are shaking your heads because you have your lives together and your personalized matching family holiday pajamas are already hung neatly on padded satin hangers in the back of your closet. Please note:This post is not for you. No shade. But you brawds are good. You don’t need any help. You already got this. This post is dedicated to and researched for the Haute Mess mom who is hanging on by a thread and just needs to know the easiest whole family friendly go-to spots for acquiring a set of affordable flame retardant pajamas to set the stage for what will {likely} be a nightmare family photo shoot where the goal is to get one {just one} good shot that appears entirely joyful is appropriate for public viewing.

Where to Shop for Family Holiday Pajamas

Old Navy

couple posing in matching family pajamas that are buffalo plaidThey have a whole tab titled “Family Pajamas” setting us up for success. Plaid, Tartan, Stripes, Hanukah, one-Pieces, pants, tees, button down shirts and shorts.

  • Size Ranges. Women’s sizes ranges from Small to XL. Men’s sizes ranges from Small to 3XL. Maternity options are also available.
  • Pet pajamas. Sweaters, bandanas, bow ties
  • Extras. Slippers, socks, Santa hats, blindfolds {I guess this is for those extra special holiday treats}
  • Bonus. Old Navy scores points for their Bodequality initiative. Here, you can click a Plus button to see what is available beyond XL.
  • Cons. Waiting for the next promo code to appear because you KNOW it is coming and should not ever shop here without one.
  • Total for Four Humans and One Dog: $118.97 after using the promo code and reducing my bill by $50.99


family of 5 in plaid pajamasTraditional plaids and tartans are available along with Fair Isle, Dinosaurs, Gnomes and Hanukah patterns on footed pjs, union suits, nightgowns, pants, button down shirts, sets, and tees can be found at my favorite shopping spot.

  • Size Ranges. Women’s sizes range from Small to 4XL; men’s sizes range from Small to 5XL and offer options in Tall, Big, and Big and Tall.
  • Pets. Bandanas, Pjs, sweaters and toys
  • Extras. Slippers, robes, socks, throws
  • Bonus. One can satisfy the desire for matching and pajamas and also pick up toilet paper and a gallon of milk.
  • Cons. It’s Target. Could there even be a con?!
  • Total for Four Humans and One Dog: $119.80


Family of 4 in matching plaid and reindeer pajamasWhere do we even start?! There are so many options for family holiday pajamas on Amazon that I lose my ever loving mind trying to make a decision. The good thing is – if you know you want purple plaid snowman pajamas, you will probably find them on Amazon.

  • Size Ranges. Miniature doll to Dinosaur.
  • Pets. Well, of course.
  • Extras. All the things.
  • Bonus. All the things.
  • Cons. Amazon clothing quality is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are going to find. And sometimes, you might actually wish the box was empty.
  • Total for Four Humans and One Dog: $250.95


Three grey t shirts and a onesie matching with Christmas trees and family namesEtsy. Etsy. Etsy. Oh how I love the Etsy. So the name of the game here is personalized and custom goodies. Etsy is Amazon for the crafty and craft needy. This is your one stop shop for having family holiday pajamas your way.

  • Size Ranges. Varies by seller.
  • Pets. No doubt.
  • Extras. All that your heart desires. And like Whataburger, you can have it your way.
  • Cons. So many choices it is easy to get caught up in the options and sometimes difficult to make a decision.
  • Total for Four Human and One Dog: $186.01; for about $20 more the items could have been personalized. You know, just in case you forget the name of your spouse or kids or plan to have a group of strangers over on Christmas morning.


Family of 5 and their dog in matching family pajamasSorry. I tried. I cannot with Walmart. But I did hear they have family pajamas.

Best {Less Mainstream} Shops

Hanna Andersson

  • Family of 5 and their dog sitting with white backgroundHanna Andersson has a nice list of options that includes Ornaments, Deer, Elf, Tannenbaum, Gnomes, Snowflakes, Hanukah, Star Wars, Plaid, Fair Isle, Stripes and Penguins.
  • Value: Pricey


  • Lake is for the minimalist family who doesn’t mind maximalist prices. The simplicity in style and design is lovely, but those prices.
  • Value: Extra Pricey

Pottery Barn

little boy in white button up Christmas pajamas

  • Grinch, Santa, Plaid, Fair Isle and Disney options round out the PB options. You can always find classically cute here.
  • Value: Pricey

The Next Challenge

This season, my daughter will be 15 and my boys will be 22 and 24. And I’m going for it. I’m sure some of you are gasping at my pajama jammy jam parental failure, and I just need you know that there are moments where I do actually excel… or least meant minimum requirements. I mean, I am a beast at spirit week dress days. My kids are Marvel experts and we never miss an opening weekend. Our dog is perfectly potty trained. And it has been years since I forgot to the pay the gas bill and had to wait two days for reconnection. So, I’m really kind of killing this motherhood thing. Next challenge, holiday family pajamas. May we all have the patience and stamina required to get our people dressed and then take six thousand forty-two photos to get {just} one where everyone is looking at the camera and someone is not grimacing in disdain. Solidarity. And happiest of holidays.


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  1. Love love love your wit and humor, Joi! Really enjoyed this- Family. Beepin’. Pajamas! 😆 I’m def not the mom that has it all together, but turns out I’m a sucker for matching pjs! Even got the dog a matching bandana this year! 😂


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