Honoring our Houston Heroes on Veterans Day

On November 11th of each year, we have the greatest opportunity to thank a veteran. Veterans Day honors American veterans of all wars and is a wonderful chance to teach your kids about sacrifice, and more importantly, heroism.

While this day may be hard to understand for our little ones, it is also a chance to show them the examples in our own neighborhoods and in our great city. So, on November 11, 2023, talk to your kids, attend one of the many events in Houston, and make sure you all thank a veteran.

American flag in field

Houston Veterans Day Celebrations

Veterans Day Celebration – Downtown Houston

The traditional Veterans Day ceremony is held first at 10 am where Houston heroes are honored, and a keynote speaker reminds us of their sacrifice. The American Hero Parade begins shortly after at 11:30 am and features local ROTC and JRTOC as well as military veterans who march to show their respect.

Veterans Day at Hometown Heroes Park – League City

City officials and a keynote speaker will address and honor veterans and their families. A complimentary lunch is provided for the first 150 attendees.

Honoring Our Veterans – Seabrook

This special ceremony also celebrates local veterans and their families. It all begins at 11am and will be a short ceremony where your kids can applaud these local heroes.

The Woodlands Township Veterans Day Tribute – The Woodlands

This special ceremony will have live music, speakers, and a Presentation of Colors. A “My Hero Exhibit” will be on display so your family can learn more about these veterans. A care package donation area will also be set up so you can donate items to be shipped to our troops.

back of soldier saluting on Veterans Day

Activities for the Kids

Interview a Vet

Have your child make a list of veterans in their family or maybe a close friend. This talk can help your child not only realize they know a true hero, but they can also learn so much about the veteran’s experience. Note their military branch and rank. Ask why they decided to join the military. Or, what are the best and hardest parts of being in the military? One on one conversations is the best way for your child to understand the importance of this day.

Make Thank You Cards

Buy or create your own thank you card for local veterans. You can help your child write a note or draw a special drawing and drop them off a veterans’ hospital or maybe a local nursing home. Our veterans truly deserve the thanks, and it is a great lesson for our children to do just that.

Read a Book

Take a trip to your local library or encourage your child to check out a book at school. Find books that explain Veterans Day or maybe one that highlights a veteran’s story. The value of reading here will teach them about heroism in a matter they can understand.

Talk About Sacrifice

In a world as tough as ours, we need to talk to our kids about those who fight for our freedoms. We need to talk about what they miss at home while they are out protecting us. No matter our kids’ ages, it is never too early to emphasize what sacrifice is and what it means to all these special Veterans on this special day.

soldiers helmets

Thank you, Houston Veterans. No parade or ceremony or card may be enough for your heroism, but our Houston Moms are dedicated to celebrating you and making sure our kids know the true definition of hero. Happy Veterans Day.

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