How Kids Can Fundraise While Doing What They Love

We are proud to partner with WiddyUP to share a new fundraising concept with Houston Moms.

Fnding activities kids are interested in is important to their social, physical and emotional growth. Sports, music, theater, coding, etc…today there are endless opportunities for kids to find their niche. However, any and all activities cost money- a lot of money. The expense of letting your kids do their “thing” can be overwhelming, and parents are always on the lookout for the best ways to fundraise to bridge the gap between their own contribution and what the activities actually cost.

young boy holding soccer ball holds phone up, videoing himselfTraditionally, group or even individual fundraisers have been mostly about selling a product. But really, who actually needs another frozen cheesecake, roll of wrapping paper or three-wick candle? And then there’s the hassle of taking the orders and if needed, delivering the product when it comes in. It ends up being a lot of work with not much return on investment. But thankfully, there’s a better way to fundraise a lot of money without the extra hassle of selling a product. And the best part- it gets kids involved and lets them showcase their talents and personalities!

A Better Way to Fundraise with WiddyUP

WiddyUP is a fundraising platform where kids create and share awesome videos with friends, family and anyone else in a unique way to raise money. Houston native and former teacher, Carter Higley founded WiddyUP in 2021 with the goal of making fundraising fun and both including and celebrating the kids in the process. 

Kids LOVE to show off their talents and personalities, and they love making videos. With WiddyUP, kids make a “pitch” video to send out to friends, family, and anyone else they think might want to support them. The pitch video gives potential donors information about what they are fundraising for, and what the donor will get in return. Once a donation is made (the average donation is $53!), the donor will receive a WiddyUP video from the child, showcasing a talent. This could be anything from a solo dance routine to a performance by a school orchestra. The possibilities are endless!

Signing up with WiddyUP is completely free, and participants keep 95% of everything they raise!

WiddyUP Affiliate Program

In addition to this awesome way for kids to fundraise, WiddyUP is launching a new WiddyUP Community Affiliate Program

Making money while making an impact has never been easier or more fun. All you have to do is share WiddyUP with groups that need to raise money and you’re on your way to making some cash. For every group you refer, you will earn a commission of 2% of the total amount raised and as a bonus, WiddyUP will donate $200 to their campaign too! Once you’ve signed up for the program, you’ll have access to your own WiddyUP Community dashboard with the ability to track your referrals and commissions. 

People in the community love to support kids, and they love it even more if it’s easy and they can make a personal connection with the kids they are helping. WiddyUP takes the stress of fundraising out of the equation and makes fundraising fun for kids and donors!

Connect with WiddyUP

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