How to Get More Protein into your Everyday

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Are you getting enough protein every day? The truth is, most of us aren’t. And protein is not just for men in the gym trying to beef up their biceps- it’s an essential macronutrient that we all need!
Numerous studies have found that high protein diets help with both weight loss and metabolic health. When we eat food with more protein, it helps us build muscle to support our bones and joints as we age. Protein helps us feel more satisfied so we are less likely to overeat or indulge in too much junk food! But even though I know all that, it can be difficult to get in the protein I need, especially as a busy mom taking care of my family!
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The Challenge

We all know we need more protein, but adding it into our everyday lives can be a challenge. The recommended daily amount of protein for adults over 19 is 10-35% of your total daily caloric intake. So for example, if you’re eating around 2,300 calories per day and want to aim for 20% of your calories to come from protein, you’ll need to consume 115 g of protein per day. That’s a lot!

On busy days, I tend to gravitate toward just grabbing whatever’s quick and easy {and probably unhealthy} as I’m rushing to get kids out the door for school. Maybe for dinner I can get in some good protein, but its still nowhere near enough! And while my husband enjoys his daily protein shakes, I’d like some different easy options.
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How to add in more protein

So, when you decide you want to be more intentional about the protein you’re consuming, you can swap out your usual picks with some simple substitutions. For example, whip up a couple of eggs with a side of greek yogurt for breakfast instead of that bagel or bowl of cereal. Prep a container of grilled or rotisserie chicken over the weekend to easily add to salads for your lunch. You’ll find you’re not as hungry between meals when you eat more protein.
But you can also sneak protein into your snacks! That’s my favorite way to make sure I’m getting enough. The Naked Cookie by Naked Nutrition is just such a treat. With ten grams of protein, this cookie is perfect as that sweet little snack with my afternoon coffee. It can even double as a quick breakfast to grab on your way out the door on busy mornings. Not only am I getting 10 grams of high quality grass fed whey protein from this cookie but I also feel really good about all the other ingredients. There’s only 1 gram of sugar, they’re gluten free, and contain no GMOs or artificial sweeteners!
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A Sweet Treat with the Good Stuff

I tend to have a sweet tooth, so the Naked Cookie is a perfect fit for me. It’s a delicious, chewy, soft cookie with ten grams of protein. So soft. And it comes in a few different flavors so you can pick what appeals to you most or mix it up from day to day- chocolate chip, sugar, and oatmeal raisin. Chocolate chip is my favorite. It’s a quick and easy snack- perfect for those days you just need to grab something quick but you know you want to make a healthy choice. And did I mention that it’s like, really soft?
Naked Nutrition protein chocolate chip cookies
Naked Nutrition, the makers of the Naked Cookie, also have tons of other great protein packed products and resources for adding protein to your every day. Check out their recipe page for some creative ideas. For example, this no bake protein cookie recipe? So good and such a great way to fit more protein into your diet.
Add more protein into your diet today with the easy and delicious Naked Cookie from Naked Nutrition!


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