How to Save on Family Fun at the Astros!

Houston Moms is proud to partner with the Houston Astros, helping you save money while still enjoying all the family friendly aspects of an Astros game!

We love the Astros in my family. While some of us love the actual game and some of us just want to eat those delicious ballpark snacks, we all want to be at Minute Maid Park together, shelling those peanuts and cheering on our ‘Stros. What’s more Houston than a night at the ballpark, hot dog in hand, singing along during the 7th inning stretch?  Memories are forever made across generations in that place, and if you’ve never been, you’ve got to make it a priority and bring the kids out to a few games this year! And don’t let the thought of the prices get you down. With the team’s on field success over the last few seasons, we’ve unfortunately watched those ticket prices get higher and higher. But did you know that the Astros actually have some really great family friendly deals?

family looking for family friendly fun head to an Astros game
HOUSTON, TX – APRIL, 01: Chicago White Sox against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on April 1, 2023 in Houston, TX. (Photo by Evan Triplett/Houston Astros)

Check out these money saving deals and reasons you should head to Minute Maid Park for all the family friendly fun this season:

Coca-Cola Ballpark Bundle

This ticket package is available for select Monday through Thursday regular season games. It includes a ticket, hot dog, soda and popcorn for just $22! You really can’t beat that price and trust me, no one will leave hungry. Dinner plans- check!

Dollar Dog Nights

Every Tuesday night at Minute Maid Park is Dollar Dog Night presented by Texas Chili Company! Enjoy the game and feed your family all at the same time with their all you can eat $1 hot dogs throughout the season. As the mom of a hungry teenage boy, I can assure you, everyone’s happy on Dollar Dog Night!

Family Sundays

Every Sunday home game at Minute Maid Park is Family Sunday. Bring the whole family out to the ballpark with one of the two Family 4-Pack options. These affordable bundles include 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs and 4 sodas. You select your seats from specific sections and the price ranges from $89-$149.

son being held by dad reaches for a baseball
HOUSTON, TX – MAY, 01: Houston Astros against the San Francisco Giants at Minute Maid Park on May 1, 2023 in Houston, TX. (Photo by Evan Triplett/Houston Astros)

True Family Friendly Fun

Did you know that Major League Baseball recently made some changes to the rules of the game, making it more appealing for families? There’s a new pitch clock rule that actually makes the game move faster. This means there’s likely to be more excitement and action during the game and you can expect to get home earlier! As a mom, I know it’s tough to hang til the end of a long game with exhausted and cranky kiddos in tow. This new rule is perfect for families like mine as games will now be around two and a half hours. Everyone can enjoy the action and still get home in time for bed!

families cheer for the Astros
HOUSTON, TX – APRIL, 16: Houston Astros against the Texas Rangers at Minute Maid Park on April 16, 2023 in Houston, TX. (Photo by Evan Triplett/Houston Astros)

Another reason to head out to Minute Maid Park this summer: it’s air conditioned. That’s right. Support your team but don’t sweat it out. If you’ve been to Minute Maid before, you’ve seen the incredible retractible roof that’s closed during the summer heat. It’s one of the things that makes our stadium unique! No matter the temperature outside, rest assured, that first pitch will always be a comfortable 72 degrees.

Crowd has family friendly fun at an Astros game, showing a view from the seats of Minute Maid Park
HOUSTON, TX – MARCH, 31: Chicago White Sox against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on March 31, 2023 in Houston, TX. (Photo by Evan Triplett/Houston Astros)

So this summer, grab tickets and beat the heat together for some family friendly fun at an Astros game! Go ‘Stros!

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