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We’ve all experienced it at one time or another in our lives: math homework. Some people absolutely love it, while others seriously detest and dread it. We see it with our own kids too: some kids are great at math and it just seems to come naturally to them. Others struggle and need a little extra help. When it comes to my kids and math, I sometimes worry. School seems to move so quickly and I wish they had a fun way to practice their basic math skills a little more. Thankfully, with technology these days, there’s an app to help kids practice math at home.
Mathpid {} is a free learning app that offers daily and weekly missions and topics from basic adding and subtracting to multiplication and division, fractions, equations, and even functions and probability! With Mathpid, kids can improve and master their math skills while having fun!
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What makes Mathpid unique is that it is an AI driven app that was developed by a team of experts with 42 years of teaching experience! It helps kids learn and practice their basic math skills in a fun and engaging way. Whether your kids are homeschooled or in a traditional school setting, this app is meant to encourage the independent and voluntary practice of math. Imagine that! Your child independently practicing and working on improving their skills? When they perceive math as fun and rewarding rather than a difficult drudgery, it is absolutely possible! The AI technology coaches kids to master math skills by analyzing not only the cause of their incorrect answers but also their learning habits. It’s basically a personal math tutor that you can download on any device and carry around with you in your pocket!
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Here’s how it works: Download Mathpid for free here:{} You’ll start with a diagnostic test to determine where to begin. After that, you can select “My Course” to begin journeying through the various levels and improve your skills. Mathpid uses more than 50 billion data points and AI algorithms to analyze the characteristics of each learner and configure and deliver personalized optimal learning according to their level!

There’s a notepad option to use your finger to work out the problem as though you have a pencil and paper. And then to enter your answer, you use your finger to write the number! Just as though you were writing it on a homework page or test at school.

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Use the math camera to instantly solve difficult problems. Simply scan the problem using the math camera and Mathpid will instantly show the answer. Mathpid also provides answers when using handwriting to write the problems. I find this feature helpful for my older kids. I can’t even begin to remember how to approach some of the math problems they bring home. There’s no way I’d be able to solve them on my own! Thankfully, with the handy Mathpid math camera, you can instantly solve intricate problems and then practice similar ones. And you’ll love this- it’s completely ad-free!
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There’s also an option for immediate 1:1 feedback. All of this allows kids to develop the habit of learning and practicing math independently. After an average of 12 weeks of learning with the Mathpid app, users can expect to advance seven levels within the app! This learning method is so effective, it can even be used as an alternative to tutoring. Kids can also play games through Mathpid called Math Farm and Go! Pilot. This continues the practice of their skills through play!
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According to Professor Minhyong Kim, Professor of Mathematics at University of Warwick, “Basic skills in mathematics are analogous to physical fitness in athletics: when they are weak, the creative process can end up persistently hampered by a lack of focus and mental stamina.” He believes that a foundation in basic mathematical skills is incredibly important. Strengthening those basic mathematics skills through Mathpid can help kids build their confidence in math! Parents will also love that Mathpid was developed in conjunction with the research and input from over 300 teachers and tutors. 

Mathpid provides 24/7 educational support and can have the same effect as getting a private 1:1 tutor! And I love that there are no pesky ads to distract. This keeps students engaged, learning, and motivated to improve their math skills. So next time you’re stuck on a math problem or dealing with a kid who just hates math, take a deep breath andownload Mathpid.


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