Momfession:: I Love Christmas Cards

My husband and I have been married for a little over five years. Every single year I look forward to taking a picture, whether having a friend snap something quickly or a professional shoot, and sending it out to all our family and friends. And confession:: I have kept every single one of the Christmas cards we have sent and received in those five years. 

We have a two year old and are welcoming our second baby this December, which means the first three Christmases it was just the two of us. And yes, I did send out cards with just the two of us! And every year around the holidays, as I’m getting ready to hang up our card in  the designated card space, that will also display all the ones we receive, I look back at our previous years’ cards. I love seeing how each of us have changed and how our family has grown. And I love sharing that growth with our closest family and friends, and those who we still care about but maybe don’t talk to or keep in touch as much with. 

It’s also what I love about receiving everyone’s Christmas cards, though I never expect to get one simply because I sent one to someone. I can see what their family looks like and how they’ve grown. Let’s be honest, the days are long and the years are short in motherhood which means life gets crazy and I don’t always get to see friends or even chat with them as much as I like throughout the year – coordinating mom schedules is an act of Congress to say the least. So, these are simply a “Hey, we’re still making it over here!”  

It’s not everyone’s thing, but I encourage you to try it out one year! The photos don’t have to be professional, my sister has been my photographer for a quick card photo multiple years, and they don’t have to be expensive. Last year I discovered Costco had excellent quality cards for a fraction of the price of most websites and I’m never going back! Friends and family just like to know that you thought of them.  Opening up the Christmas cards we received in the mail that day is truly one of my favorite routines during the holiday season!


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