My Definition of Luck After Hurricane Harvey

A lot of people questioned my reasons for staying at home during Hurricane Harvey when so many others in my area had sought out shelter. In the end I’m glad I stayed behind. It made us lucky. We have a small open loft/office on a second level, and as the water inched higher, we moved big pillows upstairs and made a big ol’ bed for the three of us. Once I got Lila back to sleep, I trekked downstairs and continued to lift things higher  primarily her belongings. I went into her room over and over until the water started to creep into my rain boots. I knew I needed to stop and that it was just depressing, but as I watched the brown water seep into her rocker and climb up her crib legs, I couldn’t stop the breakdown.

Yes, these are just things, but they are are also memories. I grabbed more clothes and shoved them down my shirt, stacked her books higher, saved a couple stuffed animals seconds away from drowning, but it didn’t feel like enough. Her distant cries pulled me from my murky haze and I ran waded back upstairs to soothe her. I couldn’t help feeling like I had failed her as I repeatedly whispered, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Maybe I should have left; maybe we made the wrong decision, but it was done and we made it through.

For the time being, as my husband deals with our rebuild, we are staying with my parents. Daniel, Lila Sophia, Osa the lab, and Rory the tabby. Things are good here, and we’ve been lucky. Lucky to have each other, lucky that we didn’t get more than 14 inches of water, lucky that I was able to save so many of our Lila memories. We’re  lucky to have such wonderful and helpful parents and in-laws, lucky to have amazing friends who help tear out wet and moldy drywall, dispose of wet belongings, and basically pack up a house. We are so incredibly lucky to be a part of the Houston area community. The Houston Moms Blog community has been outstanding. They’ve checked in on us, offered to do laundry, sent sweet gifts, and mostly just mentally and emotionally supported those of us that were affected in one way or another. 

If you are a supporter of this blog, give yourself a squeeze because I can attest, these are good folks. Houston is good folks.



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