Podcasts for Everyone:: Finding Your Next Great Listen

Podcasts for Everyone:: Finding Your Next Great ListenAre you lonely? I was too. It has taken a lot to get out of that mental space. I live for adult interaction, dirty jokes, deep conversations and a drink or two, and I prefer to do it all in person. But 2020 is making that super difficult. Between homeschooling, social distancing, and being so busy trying to hold everything together, opportunities to fill my social need meter with intellectual grown-up time {and cuss words} come few and far between. Thank goodness for podcasts!

You can find a podcasts about darn near anything these days. Politics, comedy, dating, current events, sex, parenting, TikTok, alluvit!

In honor of International Podcast Day on September 30th, I’m sharing some of my favorite podcasts. The ones that make me laugh or think or roll my eyes…. or feel good things. 

Because this meme pretty much sums it all up… I’m a lot less lonely with my favorite podcasters chit chatting in my earbuds.

Podcasts for Everyone:: Finding Your Next Great ListenPG Podcasts

I’m obsessed with the American version of The Office. So, of course, I love the podcast, Office Ladieshosted by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, who play Angela and Pam on the show. This podcast is an episode-by-episode recap with insights and details that only “two people who were there can tell you,” as the hosts boast! It is perfection! The fun tidbits and secret behind-the-scenes info is legit what dreams are made of! Good clean fun, and the best way to reminisce about the show!

Even though The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is not quite what the same now as it was pre-Covid, I still get to enjoy Trevor’s adorable face and accent on the podcast. Originally, the “Ears Edition” of the show was just a recording of the Comedy Central show as aired in-studio. Now, Trevor is hosting this comedic take on current events from home. There are no bells and whistles, but it’s still a favorite! His clever wit and no nonsense take on politics are keeping me sane for the time being. As a fan of The Daily Show when it was hosted by Jon Stewart, I miss JS, but Trevor is definitely holding his own!

In the Know

I recently discovered Co-Conspired Conversations with Myisha T through her Instagram account, @ckyourprivilege. The first episode I listened to was “Girl, You Betta Apologize; The Problem with Rachel Hollis.” I HAD TO listen to this one! I HAD TO hear their take on Ms. Hollis and her shenanigans, and I was not disappointed. The podcast tackles social issues like races relations and privilege. I’ve been hooked since that first episode, and I’ve been backtracking through the episodes to challenge everything I’ve ever known or accepted as the truth. It is a must listen!

Earbuds Only

Don’t play these in the car with the kids in the back seat. I may or may not have learned this the hard way, and my kids may or may not have tattled on me to my husband!

Comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together at YMH Studios to host their podcast, Two Bears, One Caveand when I tell you it is the highlight of each week, I’m not even exaggerating. These friends hysterically discuss Tom’s favorite reality TV shows {he’s really into Indian matchmaking}, Bert’s unhealthy and grotesque habits, and everything in between. They’re silly and ridiculous, but I’m always laughing {seemingly for no reason, since my family can’t see my tiny earbud}.

Note:: YMH also produces the Dr. Drew After Dark podcast! Remember Loveline, the radio show the listeners called into and asked questions about sex, addiction and mental health? It’s basically that with a lot of interviews with fun guests and cringey tidbits! Love it!

I have no problem admitting that I enjoy comedian Anthony Jeselnick and his dry, callous sense of humor. He reminds me a lot of my husband. *shrug* I discovered The Jeselnick and Rosenthal Vanity Project a while back, and I was disappointed and pleasantly surprised at the same time because Jeselnick is not nearly as mean and harsh as I thought. He and his best friend, Greg Rosenthal, talk about headlines and sports while giving each other a hard time. They legitimately seem like they’re having the best time joking around and making each other uncomfortable. 

Guilty Pleasure

A high school friend of mine, Shawnna, and her friend, Kristel, give me heart palpitations regularly on their podcast, The Round Room. The title refers to the idea that the devil hides in corners, so seances and spiritual exploration should be done in a round room! It is all things creepy and occultic; perfect for the upcoming Halloween season {hurry up and get here already!} Follow along as they delve into unexplained deaths, haunting mysteries and abnormal occurrences! 

Ok, I can’t stand Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She has proven herself to be racist and insensitive, and her advice is controversial at best. I once heard her tell a married woman who was struggling with her lack of desire for her husband that her job as a wife was to be intimate with him… Um, what?  Feelings, emotional struggles and underlying issues be damned, she needed to perform her wifely duty. GAG. But, I do often listen to Dr. Laura’s Call of the Day on Spotify. My reason:: I enjoy connecting with the callers. We’ve all got problems. We are much more alike than we realize. I end up saying, “Oh wow, I’ve been there,” or “Yeah, that is tough” a whole lot while listening. And the part of me that likes to counsel and give advice assesses Dr. Laura’s responses and how I would approach the callers’ problems. Undoubtedly, I would give a bit more grace and a ton more valuable insight than Dr. Laura… where’s my podcast?!

Pod of all Pods

The newest, most beautiful podcast to join the scene, the piece de resistance:: The Michelle Obama Podcast! Omg! It is exactly what we all need right now. The former First Lady gives me so much life. Her kindness, positive energy and gentle spirit shine through on the podcast. She discusses the relationships in her life that have helped create the version of Michelle we know and love today. In the inaugural episode, she sits down with none other that President Barack Obama! EEEEKKKKK!!! They discuss their relationship with pure candor and grace, and I am all the way here for it! This podcast is EVERYTHING!


Listen. Learn. Laugh, 

Explore Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or any other podcast streaming platforms to help fill any lonely voids in your life. You’ll feel better. Promise. 

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