Stuff Houston Moms Say

Houston moms, we are something special! We have a certain code of dress {layers…to bundle up under in the brisk morning and then shed when the temps reach three degrees by lunch}, a particular diet {BBQ meets Tex-Mex meets whatever we can find in the pantry}, and we most definitely have our own vernacular here that sets us FAR apart from any other city in the United States {“We’re fixin to go down inside the loop, y’all!”}.  It’s our sweet Southern charm and our big city ways that make us who we are, and to celebrate that – I’ve created a list of stuff that ONLY a Houston mom would say!

Ready?  Here goes…

Stuff Houston Moms Say


Just take the feeder!

Is it inside the loop?

What’s wrong with 290 now?

Galleria traffic is for the birds.

I’m close by – just about 30 minutes away!

I’m stuck behind the trail riders…again.

Is I-10 ever NOT going to be under construction?!

Watch out for the potholes on Westheimer!


It’s so hot! {When it is 85 degrees but the humidity is fierce!}

It’s so cold! {When it is 60 degrees and the humidity is non-existent!}

It didn’t rain over here!

It’s freezing outside and ice on roads is possible… Shut ALL the things down! {Seriously, our city completely shuts down over one icicle.}

Heater in the morning, air conditioner in the afternoon!


Slime in the ice machine!

Houston, we have a problem!

Gallery Furniture saves you money today!

Man, I miss Astroworld!



I’m taking my kid to the Children’s Museum.

The Herman Park train is open year round!

I’m taking the baby on a stroll in Memorial!

Where is the nearest splash pad?

These are just a few of our phrases here in Houston… What did I leave out? Share them below!

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Michelle A
Texas born and raised, Michelle married her husband Michael after seven years of dating and currently resides in the Meyerland area. In December 2012, Michelle and Michael welcomed their first son {affectionately called Baby Apple} and enjoys spending every moment spoiling him! Michelle is a full time working mom in the field of education and a full time student working on her Master's degree {to become a principal one day!}, but in her spare time she enjoys shopping, anything Kate Spade, reading, writing, and traveling. Check her out over at Michelle's Desk to read about all things baby, life, and love!


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