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I always allow my children to try any activities they want. Our rule is “one activity at a time” so that they can truly focus and get the most out of it. So when my daughter asked to try soccer, I was game. I know that they learn so much from team sports.  As a mom, I try to get fully into the activity, and I see it as my job to learn as much as I can about it. What are the rules of soccer? What are the best sports league to join? What do they need to wear? What kind of sports mom am I? What is the best food to feed her before and after games and practices so that she is fully ready for the games? My Kaitlyn has always been a super picky eater, so I started thinking of her favorite foods and how those can help fuel her body.

“Better-For-You” Fuel For Their Bodies

Both my kids are obsessed with cereal. They love long walks down the cereal aisle when we go grocery shopping. Anything with fun pictures or cool characters, they are in. Of course, I try to balance that with the “better-for-you” stuff. Trying to find a healthy-ish cereal that can keep them full for a long time and not just a sugary mess is sometimes super hard. That is until Kaitlyn found some cereal boxes with a few of her favorite soccer players on the front. Post Cereals ® has recently partnered with Major League of Soccer {MLS} to help inspire kids to eat more yummy, whole grain, fiber full cereal to fuel their bodies. Even before the pictures showed up, Kaitlyn loved their Honey Bunches of Oats® and Fruity Pebbles® {while I am shamelessly addicted to Cocoa Pebbles®}. It makes me feel much better knowing she is putting great-tasting stuff in her body! As an added bonus, she loves collecting the trading cards of famous players and showing them off to her teammates.
These cereals are so good {taste and ingredients} that I know they make for a great before and after soccer snack. With all the whole grains and fiber, I know that I won’t be mommy-shamed for bringing a bag of Post HoneyCombs® as a team snack {which makes it easy for this busy momma!}. The yummy cereals are low in fat and cholesterol too! To make snack time creative for your teammates, they have shared some yummy recipes, games, craft ideas, and more!

Fun, FREE, Family Events Around Houston

Post is hosting interactive family friendly events in Houston this month that we will definitely be putting on our calendar! This FREE event includes cereal sampling, soccer kick activities, a Plinko game for prizes, temporary tattoos, and much more! Any chance my kids have to kick a ball and learn more about soccer, they are in!

Join us at these fun FREE events ::

  • June 15th from 3-7pm or June 16th from 8:30am-11:30pm at the Family Dollar at 1902 Aldine Mail Route Rd, Houston, TX 77093
  • June 16th from 1:30pm-4:30pm at the Kroger at 14221 E Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston TX 77044
  • July 21st from 10am-2pm at the HEB at 5251 FM 2920, Spring TX 77338.

For more information {and to RSVP} check out their Facebook Events pages

FREE Giveaway!

Post Cereals is also teaming with our HMB followers to offer an AWESOME Soccer Parent Survival Cooler that has one box of Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted cereal, one box of Fruity Pebbles cereal, a soccer themed t-shirt, a water bottle, BandAids, ice pack, snack container, a battery operated fan for those hot Houston games, an insulated cooler to keep your drinks cold, as well as some Post coupons and recipes to try with your family. {Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a giveaway to come SOON — and there will be TWO lucky winners!}
My daughter loves all things soccer, and I will gladly take my spot as a soccer mom and help the team as much as I can. If that means coaching or organizing the team snacks, I’m in- thanks to Post Cereal!
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