Spark Kits:: A Safe Summer Camp Experience for Girls

We are excited to partner with Girls Empowerment Network to tell Houston moms about Spark Kits, a safe summer camp alternative for girls.

My daughter has grieved many disappointments this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said goodbye to her beloved teacher in early March, thinking she would see her again after a week of spring break, which of course didn’t happen. And although she’s been able to connect with her teacher and classmates for a few months via virtual learning, it’s just not the same. Her spring softball season was canceled, along with several fun field trips, theater performances, and church events. But the most crushing disappointment of all for my daughter has been finding out that her summer camp experiences have all been canceled. She was looking forward to several daycamps, as well as her first sleepaway camp.

While my daughter understands the reasons for all the cancellations and knows that to protect our family and our neighbors we are choosing to stay socially distanced for at the least the next few months, it’s still hard for a child to process that her summer plans have all but disappeared. Thankfully, I discovered a safe, at-home summer camp experience just for girls that I know that my girl is going to love.

Girls Empowerment Network, is an organization whose mission is to ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their ability to become unstoppable. Their ultimate goal is to help girls to show statistically significant gains in self-efficacy in the areas of their 6 C’s:: confidence, coping skills, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Spark Kits:: A Safe Summer Camp Experience for Girls

To help girls achieve the goal of self efficacy, Girls Empowerment Network has created Spark Kits, a magical and safe way for girls in the 3rd – 8th grade to have some fun at home this summer. Spark kits include::

  • 15+ hours of expert-facilitated 1:1 and group activities {text, phone or video}- all a girl needs is a phone line!

  • Spark Kit workbook with 25 self-guided and collaborative activities, which include:

    • Build Your Own FriendSHIP – girls will learn how to identify the qualities she wants in her friends and what kind of friend she can be to others.
    • Glitter Jars, Flower Power Crowns and Puff Pals – Creative activities guide girls toward thoughts that build confidence and compassion toward her worries or negative thinking and celebrate her ability to Feel Her Feels.
    • BINGO, maze games, mandalas and more give girls a way to rest their minds and practice relaxation.
  • Supplies for all activities

  • Inspirational messages just for girls

The Spark Kits themselves are amazing, but my daughter will be thrilled with how she will receive her kit. Starting June 6th, home deliveries will happen every Saturday with lots of pizzazz and magic. The Girls Empowerment Network Spirit Squad will deliver a uniquely decorated Spark Kit to my home! Kits can also be picked up at their Houston offices.

I was also thrilled to learn that Spark Kits, valued at $500, is available to purchase for just $35. Because of lost work opportunities, we have had to significantly cut our family’s summer budget, and this affordable camp option is perfect for us. And when my daughter completes all the activities, Girls Empowerment Network will send her a $10 Target gift card!

In addition to Spark Kits, Girls Empowerment Network is also offering a way for girls to receive emotional support during this stressful time. With Connectline, girls can call or text FREE at 512-270-0449. Unlike a hotline for those in immediate crisis, this warmline provides them with connection to a girl expert, healthy coping skills, and emotional support. Anyone can support Connectline, and this is a great way to donate money to help girls.

It’s going to be anything but a normal summer for our family, but I am so glad I’ve found an organization that will help my daughter have fun and be empowered as a girl while we are stuck at home over the next few months. I can’t wait to see her face when her Spark Kit is delivered to our door!

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