One Room a Month {Spring Cleaning}

Spring Cleaning{Click image above for more posts in this series!}

I love the idea of spring cleaning, although it is a little overwhelming to me. I want my house to be organized, but it is too much to do all at once. Plus, I don’t have long stretches of time to work on things with a toddler and a baby to take care of. So my husband and I have come up with a long term approach to spring cleaning – the “One Room a Month” method. We pick a room and do whatever needs to be done – de-clutter, organize, donate or sell items {check out Kelly’s post about selling kid’s stuff}, decorate, you name it! A month may seem like a long time {and really it may only take a few days here and there}, but this way we don’t stress. Some things are easy fixes and others take longer, but we have really enjoyed working toward this goal together and have gotten a lot accomplished this way. And we can keep doing this every year because as we all know – things don’t stay organized permanently, and it is something you have to continually work towards.

Last year we got several rooms of the house done before we got consumed with getting ready for baby #2 and preparing the nursery. One of the rooms we worked on was the master bedroom. We went through all of our clothes in the closet and in our dresser and gave away what we weren’t wearing to the Faith Center. I bought these canvas bins from IKEA to organize my “personal” drawer. Bras in one, undies in another, and socks in another. It makes it looks so neat and tidy. My rock star husband doubled the space in our closet by taking down the single clothes rod and adding two in it’s place.  We also bought a shoe tree from Container Store and suddenly we had so much more space!


This year we started on the kitchen in January. Drawing some inspiration from Chelsea’s baby proofing post a while back, we moved the chemicals and cleaners stored underneath our kitchen sink to a safer location. We do have those “childproof” locks on that cabinet, but those won’t stop a 2 year old. We went through all our cabinets and drawers and cleaned out the pantry. We thoroughly cleaned out the spice cabinet. We may or may not have had spices that expired in 2009.


In February we started on the master bedroom again, although this time to re-decorate. It is now March, and we still aren’t finished – but that is okay. I am hopeful we can finish in the next few weeks and move on to the playroom. That will involve more baby-proofing and also trying to organize our everything-gets-put-in-here closet. Wish us luck!

If you are looking for some motivation to get organized, try this approach. You may start by cleaning out 1 drawer during nap time, but little by little you will be able to accomplish a lot. So let’s hear, which room would you start with?

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