Easy, Useful Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Before you hang the stockings by the chimney with care, you need to fill them with something the kids will enjoy. If you’re anything like me, then you want to skip the cheap toys that find their way into the trash by February. Take a look at this easy guide for Christmas stocking stuffers for ideas that won’t junk up your home. There are even a few ideas for older kids and adults!

Stocking stuffers for kids - tape, stickers

What is an item that you always seem to need but never have?

In my house, it’s Scotch tape. I don’t know why, but the boys always want tape and I never seem to have it on hand. Multiple rolls of Scotch tape are useful because little ones never seem to be able to use the tape without sticking it to itself.

Painter’s tape is another great alternative, especially if you also have a three year old who hangs his artwork on your living room walls. This type of tape is easier for little hands to tear, meaning less frustration than with Scotch tape, and less need for you to intervene.

You can use the typical blue painter’s tape found at any local hardware store, or opt for something colorful and fun like these by Craftzilla.

To really mix it up, stuff those stockings with washi tape. This tape is ideal for older kids who want to personalize their belongings, but it’s also great for younger children.

I bring rolls of washi tape on plane rides, and let the boys stick pieces of them all over the plane seats and windows. It keeps them easy and is a breeze to clean up.

While we’re talking about sticky stuff, stickers are always a go-to stocking stuffer.

Stocking stuffers for kids - pens, pencils, markers

Writing utensils are a practical stocking stuffer that everyone can use.

For my boys, I bought these BIC Gel-ocity quick dry pens that I’ll split up between their stockings and my own. After all, Santa Claus has to fill my stocking too if he exists. The same goes for mechanical pencils. My sons love to draw and I know that these BIC Velocity mechanical pencils will be well loved!

I purchased my own favorite pen brand, the Pilot G2, for my stocking. I may slip some into my oldest’s stocking if I feel like it.

Bathtub crayons are always a great gift, and something that my kids love to use. These Tub Works Bath Crayons are nontoxic and washable.

Keep those pens away from the walls and give window crayons to your children instead. I prefer these Toru Window Glass Crayons.

Stocking Stuffers for adults and teens

This section is specifically for the older kids in your life, or, better yet— your significant other. Moms, I suggest you forward this post to your partner so they can purchase stocking stuffers you’ll actually enjoy.

Several of the items listed above can be used for adults and teens, such as the pens and the washi tape.

Hot chocolate bombs are a fun item to add to a Christmas stocking, as are bath bombs. I actually purchased both of these for my younger children as well— who doesn’t love the magic of something dissolving in front of their eyes?

Pair a G2 Pilot pen with some small notebooks that can fit easily inside a stocking. These little notebooks are ideal for throwing into a purse or stashing in your car.

Pampering products are always appreciated, such as Essie nail polish or J.R. Watkins hand cream.

What are you buying for stocking stuffers this season?

Happy Holidays from all of us at Houston Moms and best wishes for your holiday shopping this year!

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