Taking the Time to Slow Down

Slow Down Reminder

In light of a recent tragedy that happened in my neighborhood this week, I discarded my previously scheduled post about unnecessary baby products {first world problems} to give us all a reminder today to take the time to slow down, be present in the moment, and enjoy each second we have with our kiddos.  A good reminder for anyone, but especially for moms.

I am so guilty of rushing through life to get to the ‘next thing.’  I caught myself thinking about what Halloween items I could go ahead and take down a week before Halloween just to give me extra time to plan my Christmas decorations.  If that is not rushing through life, I don’t know what is.  And I don’t know about you, but Pinterest is really giving me a complex about being a perfect parent.

We need to give ourselves a break.  The house doesn’t have to be spotless, the meals don’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, and your outfit doesn’t have to be out of Vogue.  ‘Super mom’ doesn’t exist.

So I’m challenging everyone this weekend {and this week} to slow down.

Leave that pile of laundry, put the iPhone down, go an extra day without washing your hair {dry shampoo works wonders} and soak in some extra snuggles with our most important task…our family.  And if it makes you feel better to check something off your ever-growing to-do list, then write at the top of it “Houston Moms Blog” as a reminder of this challenge.

I’m not in any way saying to drop all obligations and checkout from life {I’d lose my job!}, but to cherish the little moments that we do get.  I bet you can find a few hidden away in your crazy day.  Yesterday’s blog post by Bre is a perfect example of making time for special moments.  I pledge to get off my iPhone while nursing my son and instead focus solely on him.  I also pledge to quit worrying about buying the perfect Christmas gifts and having the best decorations on the block.

What can you do to slow down this week?

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Chelsea P
Chelsea is a native Houstonian now residing in Sugar Land. She is married to Jason who she met at the Houston Rodeo of all places! Together they have two boys, Jack {May 2013} and Colin {October 2015} along with their puppy brother, a Chihuahua named Tucker. Chelsea spends Monday through Friday working full-time in the healthcare industry in marketing and business development in order to keep up with her online shopping and Starbucks addiction. She can win any pop-culture game you throw her way, enjoys long strolls through Target and Sephora, and believes that anything can and should be monogrammed. You can follow Chelsea’s daily adventures over at The Perfect Catch Blog or on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest as @ChelseaPurifoy.


  1. Your words have been ringing through my ears all weekend long. It is amazing how difficult of a task this truly is…and I am working on it almost daily. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. How incredibly sad that happened in your neighborhood. I had heard about it on the news. Heartbreaking. The busy lifestyle really can really take a toll on us – we always think that the busier we are the better our lives are. But you’re right – taking time to slow down really reminds us of what’s important in life.


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