Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway Winners!

A couple of weeks ago, in partnership with Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, we asked y’all to submit your favorite educators for a chance to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards. And boy, did you deliver! We had dozens of submittals from all over the Greater Houston area, The Woodlands down to Pasadena, and every school district in between. We are thrilled to share with you the winners below, selected by random.org {It was too hard to pick amongst alllll of the entries if we are honest!}.

Thank you for helping us spoil our well deserved educators this year! 

Kristine Denman
Klein ISD
8th grade reading & ELA

“This is my wife and she is the hardest working teacher and mother I’ve seen. She gets up each morning to take care of our two toddlers and then works all day with 8th graders. She teaches both intervention and pre-AP students and loves her job. She is a teacher through and through and no one is more deserving than her!

Jennifer Loupe
St. Agnes Academy
9th Grade English; 11th Grade AP English

“Jenn Loupe is a joy of a teacher. She is constantly always trying to find ways to creatively engage in her students and show them how they are loved by her. She is a genuine ally for ALL of her students and co-workers, and she makes sure that is known. I know her students love how engaging she is but also how much she genuinely cares about them. She does silly things like dance parties to let them cut loose, and she shares their work on her wall to highlight their hard work and creativity. As a co-worker, she is amazing. I have loved teaching by her side, and she will take time out of her day to check on you and write you a pick-me-up note. She is an AMAZING educator because she supports her students and her fellow teachers around her. She is also a mom of three boys, one who has Perth’s disease, and she manages a family on top of all that she does. She also planned a socially distant senior prom for our seniors. THERE IS NOTHING JENN LOUPE CAN’T DO. Please consider her.”

Tia Myers
Katy ISD
4th Grade

“My son is a challenging kid. He’s constantly moving and/or talking and entirely too smart for his own good. We’re used to getting calls and emails about behavior. Last year he started to spiral. And this year, we were given such a gift in the form of Mrs. Myers. She believes in him and is so patient with all of the ridiculousness he pulls in class. She has gone above and beyond to find ways to help class time be the most effective for him as an individual. She has 70 students and she genuinely cares about every single one of them.”

Megan Torian
Waller ISD
Early Childhood

“Megan has taught PK-1 and touches so many little minds. Everyday she comes home with a new story, and I can see the love she has for her students through the way she talks about them. She has the patience of a saint and always has fun things planned with her students. She loves what she does and truly gets so much joy when her students make growth and learn new things. She is dedicated to not only teaching them how to read and count, but she also instills a lifelong love of learning in her students. Everyday is fun with Mrs Torian!”

Diana Banh
Stafford Municipal School District
Early Childhood

“Ms. Banh has more than a heart of gold, she has a heart of diamond! Truly lovable and goes above and beyond for her students. Not only is she knowledgeable and crafty, but also extremely generous to her students; no student leaves her classroom feeling unloved. She is the complete epitome of a gem.

As a fellow teacher, her friend, and colleague, I am honored to nominate Ms. Diana Banh as my Favorite Houstonian Teacher of 2021!”

Goodness, it was a privilege to read through all of these amazing submissions and we wish so much we could treat each and every one of these nominees. Congratulations to our five winners!

THANK YOU to our teachers and staff who work tirelessly with our Greater Houston area students. We hope you have felt so loved and appreciated this week. And thank you to Kelsey-Seybold Clinic for allowing us to spread some joy this week as well. 

From primary care doctors and OB/GYNs who guide overall health to more than 500 specialists, including cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, and more, Kelsey-Seybold’s ability to streamline and simplify your educator’s healthcare makes it easier for them to be there for others. . With 25 locations throughout the Greater Houston area, Kelsey-Seybold offers quality care in 55 different medical specialties.


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