The 5 Best Spa Water Recipes

You ever feel like you need a day at the spa? Me too. I know going to the spa is pretty much non-existent these days, but that does not mean a mama can dream! However, have you ever thought of bringing a little piece of the spa to your house? One of my favorite things about going to relaxation central is the spa water. In this Texas heat, one has to stay hydrated, so why not bring the spa water to you?

Spa Water Recipes

Last month on my personal blog, I shared how to have the perfect mom staycation, which included my secret spa water recipe. {It’s really not a secret, but it’s one of my favorites.}  I’ve since thought about the endless possibilities of spa water and decided we needed a one-stop shop for all the best fruit infused water recipes. So here are my top five favorite combinations…

1. orange slices + blueberries + ice water

I used two sliced oranges, a carton of blueberries, and a large pitcher of iced water.

2. lemon + cucumber + mint + ice water

For this one, use at least three lemons, one sliced cucumber, and a large pitcher of iced water.

3. mixed berries + basil + ice water

This one, you could get away with half of a bag of frozen mixed berries, a handful of basil, and iced water. But if you use the frozen berries, you might not even need ice. Your call.

4. strawberries + lemon + basil + iced water

I would use at least half a carton of sliced strawberries, three sliced lemons, a handful of basil, and a pitcher of iced water.

5. raspberries + lemon + iced water

Using a carton of raspberries, three sliced lemons, and a pitcher of iced water, you will get the perfect sweet and tart refreshing drink.

Now for all of these, make sure you rinse all of your fruit and herbs before adding them into your pitcher. Depending on the size of your water container will of course determine whether or not you add more or less of any of the above ingredients. I save the ice for last so that the fruit can sit at the bottom. When using the mint or basil, I just use a handful and muddle it just a tad to let the flavors seep in.

Lately, I’ve actually been so busy that I find it hard to drink all the water that I should be during the day. But when I have a pitcher of my fancy spa water in my refrigerator waiting for me, I find that I open that refrigerator door a little more often and pour glass after glass. I’m sure even your kiddos will be a fan. It’s also an easy enough recipe that your kids could help you with as well. You could definitely add making spa water to the summer bucket list too. Regardless if this is purely your own little indulgence or something for your family to share, whenever you take a sip, imagine you’re being pampered and the spa music is playing. Ahh…a mama can certainly dream.

Do you have a favorite spa water combination?  Please share!

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  1. I love this! Perfect for summer and great for satisfying a craving for something a little sweet / flavorful to drink. I honestly think more restaurants should pick up on this trend. My nail salon always has a different variation and it makes the experience even better. My favorite combo is cucumber + strawberry!


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