The Home Edit :: Not Knocking the Hustle

The Home Edit :: Not Knocking the Hustle

I only recently got hip to this showThe Home Edit. When I heard the premise, I knew with all of my being that it would be my latest and greatest appointment television subject. I love makeover – ANYTHING – shows. Not to mention, viewing mass collections of pretty coordinated things warms my messy conflicted little heart. I also knew that after viewing a single episode, I would be motivated to transform the hot mess and chaos that is my home into a place of wonder and order. Home Edit… here I come.

It Was Just Okay for Me, Dawg

But, meh. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t lovetThe Home Edit. I think I watched about three episodes before I threw in the towel. I mean Joanna and Clea are nice enough people and they definitely get the job done – but I was bored out of my ever loving skull.

You Can’t Be Serious

Not to mention, watching two women and a whole team of assistants turn Eva Longoria’s son’s nursery into a big boy room just isn’t my thing. Also, the toddler has a whole bedroom… serving as his closet. Seriously. Where they do that at?!

Anyway, I cannot relate. It does not compute. And maybe they really were extra mega super excited about the bin with first aid supplies {or whatever it was}, but I just didn’t find them genuine.

Is that really even a challenge? Let me see them handle up with a teenager and two preteens. Then I will know they are the real deal. I might have rolled my eyes and/or done the slow head shake a time or… twelve.

Sidenote/Off Task with Hoarders

Hoarders is probably more my speed. That mess scares the bejeezus out of me. I think I may be an anxiety-motivated cleaner. I am legit scared of my home becoming a place so deep with crap and junk and stuff that I find it preferable to take up residence in a tent in my backyard. One episode of Hoarders will inevitably result in {minimum} three black mega sized lawn and garden trash bags on my curb by the next trash day. But I digress. Let me get back on task. The Home Edit.

Credit Due

Now I will give them credit for including some regular{ish} families. The kind with a cabinet full of lids with no bottoms. Multiple drawers filled with items including {but not limited to} unsorted receipts, loose batteries, safety pins and post-it note pads with bent corners. THOSE… are my people. But still… meh.

The Rainbow Connection

Now I do love the way they use the ROYGBIV {red orange yellow green blue indigo violet} order to create beautiful rainbow patterns.

I attempted to try this in my closet. I quickly learned that my closet was more BBBGWSOB {black black black gray white shades of brown}. Whatevs though. I generally only maintain a color sort through 1.5 cycles anyway. Next. 

Edit Attempt

One of the reasons I watch makeover shows is to apply the useful concepts to my own life. {This is probably the reason I identify more with Hoarders – don’t judge me.} So, I did my own Edit after watching a few episodes. Not wanting to be too ambitious, I decided I would start with one of our most used cabinets – the one containing our fine china and silver. {Full disclosure, it really only contains disposable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery – again, don’t judge me.} 

Cabinet Cliffhanger

I am not going to leave you all in suspense. I know you are on the edge of your seat – anxious to hear what happened with my china cabinet. So here it is. Emptied the cabinet. Bleached the shelves. Lined the shelves. Adjusted shelf heights. Added a contraption and a few containers. Placed everything in it’s own spot. Closed the cabinet. Completed in less than one hour. Quality of kitchen life definitely improved. It has been over a week and no one has been injured playing cabinet Jenga trying to remove a box of plastic forks from the shelf. 

The Home Edit GIF "That is Amazing"

No Shade, The Home Edit

Joanna and Clea are charging $185 per hour and up for their services; they have a Netflix series and a line of products at the Container Store. Seriously. Again, this does not compute. But… I will not knock the hustle. Points awarded to The Home Edit for supporting my fine china cabinet makeover. No shade. But I am still not going to watch it. 

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