Travel: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I describe myself as a ‘wanderlust’; someone who loves to travel and always planning the next trip. My experience with travel dates to my early years of being an ‘army brat’ having moved around through the age of six. Once I graduated high school, I returned to the friendly skies, visiting Thailand for ten days. My eyes were re-opened to my love of travel, and I’ve tried not to stay homebound for too long since.

couple with helmets and ziplining gear I’ve embraced my love of travel and reveled in the experiences and gifts that travel affords me. I’ve traveled solo, with family and friends, and for work. Through it all, I love finding myself in new places – or even the same place – to have a new and memorable experience. Travel is a priority for me, and I’ve invited my family into my commitment for regular travel. Trips within the state or country are as appreciated as our international travel. I fully expect that each trip will offer lasting memories and provide a connection to those I’m traveling with or being more in tune with myself if traveling solo. I find that each trip provides gifts that I continue to treasure over time.

The Unexpectedwoman stands in hotel room

Travel oftentimes comes with unplanned occurrences that weren’t on the physical or mental itinerary. Unexpected conversations with a stranger; finding a cool store or restaurant or simply taking advantage of a delay remain with you well after the trip. This gift of gratitude opens you up to seek out more of the unexpected in your day-to-day.

That New Car Smell

Doesn’t it feel good to get something brand new? That new car smell or the feeling of a new outfit is one you want to last for as long as possible. Travel offers a similar ‘new car’ type experience. You arrive ready to see the city with new eyes.  Learning the streets of a city is an excuse to find the nooks-and-crannies of the city that didn’t make it to the reviews.  Observing how people are dressed or behaving differently offers an opportunity to imagine your life in that city. Taking in new sights and sounds allows you to listen to the waves breaking along the surf or smell the clean scent of the trees or observe the clear skies that meet the mountain peak. This gift of appreciation can stay with you when you return home to look at your city with new eyes – the eyes of a visitor.

Rent Free Memories

friends on trip pose with mountains in backgroundMy favorite part of travel is the experience of creating memories. These memories live with me well after I’ve returned home. I can refresh in my mind at any given time, moments that bring me pure joy. Having a bad day? I will recall the time I saw Stevie Wonder’s Christmas performance in Los Angeles. Need a good laugh? I recall our trip to Las Vegas to see Kevin Hart perform. These times and many, many more show up at the most opportune times to comfort me. This gift of being present in the moment reminds me to look for memory creating experiences right at home with family and friends.

Am I planning my next trip? Absolutely. Up next is Phoenix for a girl’s weekend with my daughter. Anything new in the next year? I’m looking to attend my first tennis tournament. My favorite place to visit that’s not stateside? Japan, and I plan to get there within the next few years to share this country with my family.

What is your favorite place to travel?



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Travel The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Houston Moms

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Tiffany Harris
Tiffany is a bit of a wanderlust starting from her early years. She is the daughter of an Army veteran and was born in Georgia and has lived in Okinawa, Japan, Monterey, California, Dayton, Ohio and then spent the majority of her formative years growing up in Canton, Ohio where her parents were born and raised. For the last eleven years she has called Houston home. She's had some of her most transformative events happen here - her wedding and the birth of her twins. Over the years, even with children, she's continued to enjoy the friendly skies. She owes much of her traveling in the last ten years to visiting her younger sister who has lived in Okinawa, Japan, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Monterey, California, Muscat, Oman, and Cairo, Egypt. In her daily life, she is busy with her now five-year old twins {a boy and a girl} enjoying time with her engineer husband and spending time with friends. Tiffany is a fan of low-key spots in the city where she can enjoy a great cocktail or glass of wine.


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