Weeknight Rodeo BBQ Bowls :: It’s What’s For Dinner

This Louisiana gal missed the Go Texan Day memo on the last Friday in February, a day meant for the mama-razzi, as our preschool has its rodeo day in March. It’s a thing, right? The trail riders ride on in, and the kids don their best cowpoke attire? Is it always the last Friday in February? I’ve read the 2015 Family Guide to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, but fill a Cajun in on the other little nuances already, Mommas!

So it’s March which, for me, means two things…

  • Rodeo Season :: And I hope to grab a date night with the likes of Luke Bryan or Billy Currington {and invite my hubs along too}.
  • March Madness Baby! :: And it’s a family tradition, brackets and all!

But before we start snacking on game-watching grub and highlighting wins and losses, we will honor the roots we are planting in Texas and do all things rodeo.  This year that means putting a rodeo spin on one of our favorite weekly meals.

BBQ meet the burrito bowl, burrito bowl, BBQ.

Now that we’ve been all properly introduced, let’s dive right into the details. This meal could not be much easier, and many of the steps can be prepared ahead of time or can use leftovers from a weekend grill session. And I’m even going to shoot it straight here {that sounds pretty Texan, right?}. I didn’t even make an extra grocery trip to grab the perfect ingredients. I used what we had. It’s the beauty of the bowl, my friends!


Weeknight Rodeo BBQ Bowl


  • Rice – We are cilantro lime rice lovers over here, but use what you have. {Brown rice or quinoa would make an equally delicious, but healthier substitute! You could even start with roasted potatoes.}
  • BBQ Chicken {Pulled Pork, Brisket, Homemade Turkey Legs, Store-Bought Rotisserie Chicken!} – Again, use what you have. I used this method to quickly “BBQ” some chicken breasts in the Crock Pot. I basted with sauce and cooked for less time than listed. Overcooked chicken is the worst!
  • Beans – I opted for HEB’s Charro Beans over baked beans for the kiddos’ taste buds.
  • Corn – We had some frozen in the freezer, but fresh or canned would work just fine.
  • Slaw – Sweet or savory, add your veggies!
  • Optional Toppings – avocado, cilantro, green onions, extra BBQ sauce


Prepare and cook each ingredient, and then layer in a bowl.  Seriously – can it get an easier?!?


I think this meal would even be fun as a build-your-own-bowl bar if you had extra time for preparations. That would be a weekend option over here. It gets a little rough starting at 4:45 with three very hungry little fellas! Either way, the ones with enough teeth eat without prompting on “bowl” night.


So tell me, who are you going to see this year at The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo? Are you taking the kids to the carnival? Prepare this meal ahead of time for an easy, but festive night after you’ve stuffed your faces with fried goodies all day. Or surprise the kids after their school’s rodeo day. Heck, leave this for the kids and the sitter while you head out to watch some bull-riding! Get to your meal-planning and cook up some rodeo fun this week.

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Jenn L
Jenn is an English teacher turned stay at home mom to boys Wyatt {2010}, John {2013}, and Abram {2014}. South Louisiana born and raised, North Louisiana educated, and Texas “polished,” she has found Houston to be home with her husband for the past ten years. After infertility struggles, in 2010 she traded in A Tale of Two Cities for Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and has since been busy discovering ways to learn while playing, maintaining a semi-scheduled family life, and integrating both Texas and Louisiana culture into her family. Besides making memories with her boys full time, she enjoys reading, running, crafting, cooking, and football. Y’all stop by When In Doubt, Add More Salt to read more about family adventures with the boys and Jenn’s thoughts on hot summers and Pinterest pin attempts, and her love/hate relationship with March Madness brackets.



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