Why Bluey is the Secret Kids Show Missing From Your Life

If you’ve invested in Disney+, you’ve likely seen the option for Bluey come across your screen. My family discovered this gem of a show after I heard a podcast interview with its creator, and I’ve been singing its praises ever since.

A baby and a young child watching Bluey on a TV at home. The Dad character is mostly the main parent

Bluey was created by a dad, who took the everyday moments of play with his kids and wrote a show about them. Dad is usually the parent who is there with the kids, and while Mom is involved, she plays more of a background role. This is different than most shows where Mom is the star, or sometimes the only parent there.

Bluey is funny for kids and parents

Most kid shows seem focused on kids learning something while they watch them, and I get it. If your kid is going to be watching a screen its natural to want them to get something out of it. While Bluey has some lessons here and there, most of the time it is just silliness and play. Its purely fun to watch. Call it the guilty pleasure of kid shows. 

Shout out to the dog lovers

Bluey centers around a family of blue heeler dogs, and the creators have leaned into the dog jokes and easter eggs like no other. Mr. Heeler is an archaeologist, because he likes to dig up bones. They have tennis ball art on the walls. All of the other characters are also dogs, and it is fun to guess what breed they are. If you love dogs, you will love this. 

It gives me the chance to say YES

Episodes of Bluey are only 8 minutes long, so they are great for a small TV break if you need it. But if you are looking for that half hour block of entertainment for your kid, they can watch three or four in a row. It makes me feel like mom of the year to say yes you can watch FOUR episodes of this. 

Bluey sets the tone for our day

Bluey is silliness and giggles and play and fun. Most mornings, my three year old watches a show right after she wakes up to give her time to get in the swing of the day and to give me time to sip coffee in peace and become a functioning human before I jump into playing. On the days we start with Bluey, I notice a difference in our tone. I’m more likely to start a dance party, make a silly voice, or enthusiastically jump into whatever pretend play scenario my daughter has come up with. It reminds me of the fun of play, which makes me a more playful parent.

It makes us feel seen

Bluey’s parents are all of us….Dad sneaking bites of leftovers out of the fridge. Mom escaping to play field hockey with her friends, both saying they will play whatever game involves them lying down and being still. Ever relatable for the day to day slog of parenting.

We’ve picked up some fun Australian slang

Bluey is an Australian show and the characters all have fun accents, and it is full of aussie slang. Slowly these have crept into our lives. From something being “cheeky” to playing “shops”. I’m waiting for one of us to spout off a “wacka doo” when we are surprised or impressed with something. 

Bluey Season 2 is available to stream on Disney+ Friday, May 28. Now is the perfect time for you and your kids to discover this show!

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Why Bluey is the Secret Kids Show Missing From Your Life. Logo: Houston Moms. A photograph of a baby and a young child watching Bluey on a TV at home.

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