Why I Need Mom Friends to Survive the New Year

We survived the holidays, but now it’s crunch time. For some, the New Year brings anxiety is to an all time high! Now more than ever, we need the undying support of our mom girlfriends. I have come to realize and appreciate this increasingly so as I make more trips around the sun. Here are just some reasons why I need mom friends all year round.

Mom Friends Always Get it

Not that I don’t love my girlfriends without children as well, but us moms, we just get it. I can answer a text message weeks from today and they just get it. Chances are, they were too busy trying to get a Hot Wheel out of their hair so they wouldn’t have to cut it to notice anyway {true story – I still have flashbacks when my son holds a toy car}.

Why I Need Mom Friends to Survive the New Year

Panic attacks at 8pm because you fed your child an uncut grape? Text your mom BFF, she gets it. We understand the simplest and most unnerving disasters warrant a freakout. We’ve been there. We are here for you. We get it. Maybe it’s the extra empathy we naturally acquired in order to feel the pain of every scraped knee, but whenever my new mom friends send me a message questioning their ability to parent, I’m there with them. 

They Know Where to Buy Stuff

We spend countless hours searching for the right ‘stuff’. This elusive ‘stuff’ that we are convinced our children of every age need. I kid you not, I have tried 25 sippy cups and have probably spent 30 hours trying to find the right kind. When a mom asks me about a sippy cup, I AM THERE FOR HER. Moms wait for the moment our knowledge of random items is needed {when asked – nobody wants unsolicited advice, thanks}. On the flip side, I have asked about swaddles, toddler toothbrushes, elastic waistbands, and so much more that weren’t even a concern 10 years ago. Moms have this bank of where to find the perfect item your kid needed that very day!

Why I Need Mom Friends to Survive the New Year

They Hate and Love Your Spouse

Okay, not literally, but when I hate my husband and need to complain, my mom BFF hates him too! When I love my husband and want to share a pic of the load of laundry he finally did after being asked many times, they love him too! Your mom girlfriends have lived through it and again, they get it! They are rooting for a lifelong beautiful marriage you deserve but also know that sometimes, MEN SUCK! 

They Wear Athleisure Wear and Meet You at No Makeup Eateries

I have lost count how many times my conversations with my mom friends went like this::

Me:: Can we eat somewhere delicious but casual? Because I’m rolling up in yoga pants and I look like sh**.

Her:: Cool, me too. 

We are too busy worrying about theme days and packed lunches. Let us be, LET US BE! For us full-time working moms, carrying groceries and a toddler up stair flights wearing adult clothes like real pants after a long day’s work is not the best. If there is ever a chance to look a mess, I’m for it. We connect through the network of the unofficial athleisure wear alliance. We keep the hair tie and spandex industry not only alive but thriving, y’all. That mom friend you’re meeting up, she woke up at 4am too and also needs to have an adult conversation. 

There are so many more reasons I love my mom friends but this would become a never ending post. The new year is when I find myself seeking their support most. They’re just as eager as I am to start eating healthier and working out more. We all know this ends like week 5 {at most} but we will support each other those 5 weeks! 

The new year brings on lots of self-reflection and as perfect of a mom/wife as we want to be, we never are. My mom friends help remind me that it’s a-ok. That’s the exact amount of ‘talking off the ledge’  we all need. So to my new moms, join a mom group, make friendly conversation, or reach out to an old friend. They need you too.


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Cindy L
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