Why Your Child Needs to Learn to Code {And a great place to do it, too!}

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Have y’all seen Troop Zero yet? It’s a sweet and inspiring story about a little girl that loves all things outer space at a time when most people expected only boys to be interested in such things. There’s one specific moment that caught my attention. It’s when a group of girls is offered an opportunity to get excited about science and space but their “den mother” excuses them from the conversation by saying “they’re girls”. And, while things are definitely changing, I feel like this mentality has deep roots.
Did you know that as of a 2013 report only about 20% of all U.S. computer programmers are female? Understandably, not all girls are interested in computer programming, but why not give them the opportunity to find out for themselves if they are interested or not?
Here’s a fun idea:: ask your child to describe a video game or app that they wish they could invent. I did that this week and got some pretty interesting answers. One of my daughters said she’d like to invent an app that could make other apps. {Awesome!} Another said they would like to invent a version of the Sims that they could play on VR. Both seem like great ideas, but how can a great idea turn into a reality? What’s the next step?
Why Your Child Needs to Learn to Code {And the best place to do it, too!}
How about learning to code in a fun camp environment? When I mentioned this camp to my 9 year old her eyes got wide with excitement and possibility and she was immediately on board!

Kids want to Code? That’s where Codeverse comes in!

Codeverse is a fully interactive coding studio and technology platform for children ages 6 to 13, offering weeklong camps, weekly classes, and weekend parties. Codeverse Houston will open in June 2020 and will be located at the Houston Galleria mall.

Why Your Child Needs to Learn to Code {And the best place to do it, too!}

Codeverse Houston’s camp will offer a wide range of high-tech features contributing to a completely immersive and collaborative learning environment. The studio will be riddled with cutting-edge gadgets, including a 20ft TV wall and professional-grade lights and speakers, which can be controlled and programmed by kids using real code! 
Codeverse teaches kids how to code using KidScript – a proprietary language that enables children to build mobile games, projects and apps, as well as program dozens of objects within the state-of-the-art studio. KidScript draws inspiration from, and acts as a gateway to, many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic.
Why Your Child Needs to Learn to Code {And the best place to do it, too!}
All Codeverse classes and camps are led by Guides which are a collective of K-12 certified teachers that will create a fun and engaging learning environment for the children.  All Guides are equipped with iPads that display real stats on how every student is progressing through the curriculum then they use that data to craft a personalized approach to learning to code. 
Kids receive achievement pins and digital badges for demonstrating comprehension of coding concepts, controlling physical objects {using code} within the studio, and by building unique apps and games. Through the Parent Portal, parents gain real-time visibility into their child’s progress and can view all badges earned by their child at our studio. 

2020 Summer Camps at Codeverse Houston

From video game creation and robotics, to 3D printing and circuitry, Codeverse camps are packed with hands-on STEM activities that are fun and engaging for every tech-loving kid! Each day of camp is assigned a theme and is comprised of exciting and educational adventures, including:
  • Studio programming – Program concert-hall lights and speakers, a 20ft TV wall, and other cutting-edge gadgets, using real code
  • Coding – Learn all the core fundamentals universal to any programming language 
  • Robotics – Design and assemble a real robot. Compete in high-speed robot races on obstacle courses designed by fellow campers
  • 3D Printing – Create jaw-dropping 3D printed designs
  • Circuitry – Learn all about circuits and sensors 
  • Video Game Development – Design multi-level, multi-player video games
Throughout the week, campers go on field trips to nearby businesses. To cap it off, campers show off their coding creations to family and friends during Demo Day, a fun celebration that is held every Friday afternoon during camp.

What’s included::

  • All coding, robotics, 3D printing and hands-on STEM activities at the studio
  • Lunches, beverages, and snacks
  • Guided, organized excursions to nearby businesses 
  • Complimentary early drop off at 8AM/late pick-up at 4PM


Camps run weekdays, Monday to Friday from 9AM to 3PM, throughout the months of June, July, and August. 

Obviously, these camps aren’t limited to just girls! But as a girl mom, I’m excited at this opportunity to broaden my daughters interests and maybe make that “app that can create an app” idea into a reality!

Connect with Codeverse

5085 Westheimer Rd, #3570, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (832) 862-8878

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