Yes, You Should be Listening to Podcasts

Yes, You Should Be Listening to Podcasts | Houston Moms Blog

Whenever I mention a podcast I am listening to or shush my children so I can hear one, people inevitably ask which ones I like, when I listen, and what is a podcast exactly. Luckily, Elizabeth did a great summary of two of those here so I send my friends to her post to get them started. If you need that rundown, head over there, I will wait.

Then I give them MY list. I listen to podcasts mainly in the car running errands, sitting in car line, doing dishes and folding clothes. Please don’t be too jealous of my exciting life. Podcasts are like books – some are quick and funny, some long and intriguing. Some just make me laugh and some disturb me. The good news is that whatever you are in the mood for, there is a podcast for you.

However, there are a few things that make a podcast a hard pass for me:

  • A long theme song. There was a podcast I tried, and one my bestie loves, that I could not stick with it due to the long, creepy theme song. We are not here for the music; get to the talking.
  • Podcasts that are too long in general. One example is the Dax Shepard podcast featuring his wife Kristen Bell. I adore her and her sloth-loving ways so I listened…to all 1.5 hours of it. She is precious and funny but that was an hour of my life I will never get back.
  • Telling me how funny the guests are. If someone is funny, they are funny. Please don’t spend five minutes telling me how hilarious they are, how funny I am going to find them and that I am going to die laughing. That is called overselling and I am looking at you Jen Hatmaker.

Very rigorous standards, I know.

Below is a list of some podcasts that I love, but you don’t have to take just my word for it. When I was discussing my topic recently with some other moms here at HMB, three moms got out their phones and just handed them to me. That is how fun podcasts can be! And it shows how generous other moms are too.

My Favorite Podcasts

To Listen to with Your Children ::

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids:: This podcast from Vermont Public Radio answers all those questions your little darlings throw at you like: Why do we laugh? How do fish breathe? And the ever important, why do we have daylight savings time? I need to listen to that immediately.

Wow in the World::This is the favorite of my nine-year-old son. Each week Guy and Mindy delve into science and technology topics in a funny and goofy manner. Some topics Zach likes are: WANTED: Giant Rat for Cracking Coconuts and Brain Freeze.

Just for Fun ::

One Bad Mother:: This hilarious podcast by two real world moms makes you laugh and still addresses stuff we all deal with. Like Bragging – how can I get that to stop?? Pretty sure Biz and Theresa will tell me.

Young House Love has a Podcast:: Back in the early days of blogging there was a DIY home blog called Young House Love. The couple, John and Sherry, became wildly popular for their upbeat, quirky personalities and their doable projects. They got overwhelmed, bailed for a year {eek!} then returned in a podcast form {I am clearly leaving out many important details, but you get the gist}.  I love this hour long, weekly podcast where the couple talks home stuff, kid stuff and what they are “digging”. YHL is my go to podcast for errands. You can pop in and out and not miss a thing.

If You Want to be a Better Parent ::

Parenting Great Kids:: Best-selling author Dr. Meg Meeker hosts this podcast which almost didn’t make the cut due to a getting-towards-long theme song, BUT she is a true expert with concrete solutions, reasons and tips. I go back to Raising Successful Kids and What We Say Matters when I need to up my mom game, or remind myself not to roll my eyes where my kids can see.

Parenting Beyond Discipline:: This series focuses more on the younger children {think under 8} and Erin gives great real-world advice and reassurance. I might have sent Power Struggles at Bedtime and Toddler Screaming to my sister-in-law. I couldn’t possibly need those things…

For a Long Car Trip ::

Dirty John:: This podcast that you will NOT want on speaker with your children, chronicles the life of “Dirty John” and his time of terrorizing a family in California. Very similar to an audio book, I wanted to know how it ended, who died {did anyone?!} and how could that woman be SO gullible?? Bravo is making a TV show about it, so listen to it first!

In the Dark:: Keeping with our disturbing podcast theme… this one chronicles the case that led to the creation of the sex-offender registry. I know! We hate to think about it, but this is fascinating. It will really make you think and want to see things change.

Guys, this is just a drop in the podcasting bucket and I hope it is a helpful list for you. There are, as Elizabeth said in her first post, “THOUSANDS” of podcasts and I hope these encourage you to check out some new ones!

Which ones am I missing? Maybe some less depressing for a car ride, pretty please?? Let me know!

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Kinsey is a native Texan originally from Denton, but left as soon as she could {no offense to Denton; other people should totally live there}. After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in elementary education, she taught first grade for a hot minute. She quickly learned that her passion was actually telling adults what to do, and thus realized a career in marketing and event planning was a much better match. She married Alex in 2005, who legitimately thinks Houston is the best city in the world, which means she is here forever. She worked until 2013 when she retired (and refuses to say she is unemployed). Together they have two boys, Zachary {December 2008} and James {July 2011} which means she spends every afternoon, evening, Saturday, and many Sundays sitting at a field or court for whatever sport is being played at that particular moment and fending off snack requests. Also that she’s on a first name basis with the workers at Chick-fil-A. Hi Debra! Follow Kinsey on Instagram @makejokesnotmoney.


  1. LOVE podcasts! I also love The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey (interviews women who’ve been through rough roads and love life still) and Christy Wright’s Business Boutique (coaching for women wanting to start or owning a small business).
    LauriePOP Ideas That POP

    • I will totally check those out! I was following Jamie Ivey for a while on Insta but not listening to her podcast (why??) so I will be giving her a second chance. Thank you for the recs!

  2. Great post and love the picture! I loved Dirty John. Now I’m listening to Up and Vanished. I also enjoyed both seasons of Serial, Stown and Atlanta Monster. Sorry, nothing uplifting 😬

  3. And Homecoming (the Podcast). I binge-listened on a very productive errands day – could not stop listening so had to launder every textile in the house to justify the time. Latest episodes cover the transition to tv – v interesting to hear about that process from the pov of complete novices #housewin


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