10 Great Instant Pot Recipes for Back to School Season

Back to school means less time for everything… and that includes cooking. Though I enjoy serving home cooked meals to my family, that doesn’t mean I want to spend hours slaving away over a hot stove to make it happen. And also- who has the time for that on a busy weeknight? Enter the Instant Pot. I know the Instant Pot craze officially blew over a few years ago, but I still use mine weekly. Below, I’ve compiled my top 10 favorite IP recipes of all time. I have personally tried each of these recipes in my own kitchen multiple times and have gotten a good result each time. I hope these Instant Pot recipes help you out in the midst of all the back to school madness!

Back to school delicious meals with an instant pot

10 Great Instant Pot Recipes for Back to School Season

  1. Nom Nom Paleo’s Instant Pot Kalua Pig– this recipe makes it easy to feed a crowd on a weeknight. Cooking the pork in the IP adds so much dimension to the dish. It’s hard to believe how tasty this comes out using only a few ingredients {cabbage, pork shoulder, and sea salt}. An added bonus? Eating this always reminds me of those yummy lunch plates that you can find everywhere in Hawaii.
  2. If you’re a fan of jambalaya, this recipe from Paint the Kitchen Red is terrific! I usually sub smoked sausage for andouille sausage to keep it non-spicy for the kids.
  3. This easy recipe for pork carnitasis great for meal prepping. I love making a big batch on Sunday and then I’ll use it to feed my crew for the rest of the week. The shredded pork is so delicious tossed with some shredded cabbage, cilantro leaves, a dash of hot sauce and some freshly squeezed lime juice. Yum! 10 Great Instant Pot Recipes for Back to School Season- carnitas
  4. Steel cut oats are a favorite breakfast food around our house, and this recipe from Green Healthy Cooking makes it super easy to prep this highly nutritious dish. No more standing over the stove for hours and stirring. Thanks, Instant Pot!
  5. Making your own cold-start yogurt at home is very simple with the help of an IP. Combining ultra-pasteurized milk with a few tablespoons of plain yogurt with live cultures {this is just for the first time; you can use the yogurt you make to serve as your starter for subsequent batches} creates homemade yogurt after just 8 hours of incubation. Amazing! Read the full recipe.
  6. Butter chicken is a must order every time we have a craving for Indian food. But did you know that butter chicken is relatively easy to make at home? This recipe from Damn Delicious is on the table in just 35 minutes… less time than it would take you to order takeout and pick it up! 
  7. My husband and I are addicted to Costco and we always pick up a huge bag of broccoli when we do our weekly shopping. This IP recipe for chicken broccoli rice is a favorite with our children and helps us use up our produce. Win win!
  8. We are big fans of curry over rice in our household and this easy recipe for Japanese curry has been made more times than I can count in our IP. It uses pretty basic ingredients, though you may need to make a trip to the Asian grocery store {or Target!} for curry cubes.
  9. The instant pot really excels when making soups because a tremendous amount of flavor is created when ingredients are pressure cooked. My eldest daughter is obsessed with this recipe for chicken pho and asks me to make it at least three times a month. 
  10. Bolognese is one of my favorite dishes to order when we go out for Italian, but it wasn’t something I made often until I got an Instant Pot. Traditionally, bolognese takes several hours to make on the stove and involves a lot of stirring. I have to say, I like making it in the IP much better!

And there you have it! My top 10 Instant Pot recipes. What’s your favorite thing to cook in the IP? Comment below and share your favorite recipe!

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