10 Reasons a Costco Membership is a Must-Have for Moms

We are thrilled to partner with Costco to share with Houston moms the value and benefits of a Costco membership.

It’s a new year, and Houston moms are looking for ways to both simplify their lives as well as obtain the best products for their households. A membership to Costco is a must for moms:: Costco is a one stop shop for everything busy families need in their homes.

New to the Costco experience? We’ve got just a sampling of the BEST products and services available at your local warehouse. And right now, they have some amazing offers for both new and renewing members.

New members who sign up between January 10-28 will receive a $30 Costco Shop card with a purchase of a new membership and autobill renewal, now with this online only promo!

Current Costco members who sign up for autobill renewal in store January 16-19 will receive a Costco etched tumbler!

Costco Mom Must-Haves

Diapers and Wipes

198 count boxes of diapers at Costco.

900 count boxes of baby wipes at Costco. The Kirkland Signature brand diapers and wipes are just as good as the name brand stuff. And if there’s anything moms should be buying in bulk, it’s these two. Pro tip:: Long after your little one is out of diapers, wipes come in handy for cleaning up all sorts of messes.

$4.99 Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken in ovens. This price for a rotisserie chicken just can’t be beat- and it’s HUGE. Use it for a quick dinner, to put in salads, school lunches, soups…the possibilities are endless.


Large containers of pretzels and crackers. S'mores snack mix. Kids are crazy about their snacks- and they want variety. At Costco, there’s no shortage of yummy, kid-approved snacks available in bulk. Stock up on trail mix, peanut butter filled pretzels, kettle chips, S’mores mix, apple sauce veggie pouches, yogurt cups, nuts, and more.

Frozen and Refrigerated Food

Packages of Thick sliced bacon. Prepared foods including pizza, croissants and sandwich wraps. Costco has great deals on frozen chicken breasts that are individually wrapped, as well as other yummy meals. HMB Contributors’ favorites include Kirkland Signature brand bacon, dumplings, chicken tikka masala, chicken meatballs, and the marinated salmon.

Outdoor Playsets and Play Houses

Costco play house.Moms looking for outdoor family fun should look no further than Costco. They have a wide variety of great-quality outdoor playsets, swings, and playhouses guaranteed to keep kids outside and entertained.

Sheet Cakes

A Costco Happy Birthday Sheet Cake.Celebrating your child’s birthday? These sheet cakes {chocolate or vanilla} are insanely budget-friendly and delicious. You can  pick one up on the spot from the bakery or pre-order a custom message.

Street Tacos and other Ready to Eat Meals

Costco Street Taco packages. Costco Chicken Alfredo packages. All moms need this read-to-assemble street taco kit for Taco Tuesday. No cooking, easy clean-up, totally delicious:: WIN. There are also has a variety of heat and eat meals, like Chicken Alfredo, which are perfect for nights moms don’t have time to cook or to bring to a mom with a new baby.

Organic and Gluten Free Products

Kirkland Organic Applesauce 24 count. Looking for organic and/or gluten free products at a great price? Try the gluten free pizza, cereals, crackers and the organic milk, turkey and applesauce. Costco also has free range eggs, organic chocolate milk boxes, and a variety of organic produce.


Piles of children's clothes.

Many types of socks. Costco offers name brand clothing for both kids and adults at great prices. It’s a great place to shop for coats and jackets, workout clothing, and staples like socks and underwear.

Other Costco Services

A pharmacy and hearing aid center sign. With a Costco membership, there’s no need to drive all over town running errands. They have quality goods and services at the lowest possible price for members. Costco  also has a variety of ancillary businesses, such as pharmacy, optical, hearing aid, and a photo center. They also have Costco Travel, and a variety of services providers for things such as auto and home insurance, auto program, water delivery, check and printing, etc.


Houston moms, what are your must-have products and services from Costco? 

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