10 Thoughts I Had Watching “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix has taken America by storm. The organization guru hosts the show, and has inspired countless New Year’s Resolutions to purge, simplify, and organize. I jumped on the bandwagon and dove into Marie Kondo’s world; here are my thoughts while bingeing this latest self help phenomenon.

1. This woman is adorable.

Seriously. I love her. She crawls into closets, she snuggles people’s children…she is infectiously joyous about “tidying”. Even that word is adorable. So much better than *blech* cleaning. And her daughters? I can’t even.

2. I need to know where she gets all of her skirts.

True story, I googled this, and did not find an answer. I did find an article where she and a reporter went to Anthropologie and she gave a list of tips for how to shop, including things like “touch each item you are considering”, “if there is ambivalence, leave it behind”, and “don’t wait for an item you love to go on sale”. As I am now on hyper alert about junk entering my home, I may try some of these next time an Old Navy online sale temps me.

3. The diversity on this show is lovely. We need more like it.

I loved seeing a little bit of everything. Families, older couples, people of color, white people, same sex couples. And all of them with very similar needs. It was lovely and normalizing.

4. I wonder what is going through these people’s heads every time she “greets the house”.

“This is weird man, but she’s going to help us so just go along with it.”

“Are we done yet?”

“Why are the camera person’s eyes closed too? Should we close our eyes? Or just watch? What do I do with my hands?”

5. Oh I get it….I just need to pretend that I am moving every time I “tidy”.

“Do, you want this to be a part of the future you envision?” Translates to..if you were moving today would you want to move this crap with you? No, no I don’t. Out it goes!

6. I could seriously watch a montage of her folding clothes for at least an hour.

No really. It is oddly soothing. Especially the baby clothes. Then follow that up with one of hand lettering and maybe some cookie decorating.

7. Me asking my husband if he wants to “thank his items” that he is purging will never not sound sarcastic and patronizing.

I tried. I can’t do it. “Would you like to thank your popsocket for its service before we throw it away?” Nope. I can’t even imagine how parents do this with their kids.

8. I really need a trip to the Container Store.

Tiny boxes! And they all need to match. Duh. Where does she get those? Ooooo, she sells them! HOLY MOLY THEY ARE EIGHTY DOLLARS! For a box??? You are kidding me. Maybe I can live with those mismatched shoe boxes after all. They are only going in drawers where no one will see them, right? But I’LL KNOW. Container Store it is.

9. Laundry day suddenly sounds exciting.

Let’s reorganize all the drawers! Let’s emotionally connect with our underwear! Yeah!

10. Man, I am so not as bad as some of these people.

I do not own 15 nutcrackers. I am doing pretty well in life. Read :: I am not a hoarder and that is now the standard I will hold myself above. Done.

Are you watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Are your drawers nice and neat now? Have you started throwing out all of your belongings that don’t spark joy? 

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  1. Yes, I am hooked. And I have started tidying…drawers. No. 1: Clothes, I can’t even. Maybe I’ll watch another episode to make sure a pile is the only way to tidy clothes.

  2. #8…Dollar Tree or put pretty wrapping paper on those show boxes. You’re welcome.

    So spot on with these, except that lady easily had 50+ nutcrackers.

  3. #8…Dollar Tree or put pretty wrapping paper on those shoe boxes. You’re welcome.

    So spot on with these, except that lady easily had 50+ nutcrackers.


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