11 Easy Random Acts of Kindness for the Entire Family

As February is the month of love, it only makes sense that Random Acts of Kindness Day {#RAKday} falls on February 17th. What could make someone feel more loved than surprising them with a random act of kindness? Performing a RAK doesn’t have to be elaborate. We all know that being a parent typically means we have very scheduled lives that revolve around sports, homework, diaper changes, and about million other things. This guide will help your family participate with minimal efforts {all the Mamas said, “Hallelujah!”} but result in lasting impacts. Before you choose from this list, take a moment to watch this video about kindness with your family. It is a great way to start a dialogue about the importance of being kind.

  1. Have your child color a picture or make a card to put on a neighbor’s door. A piece of paper and a few colors can result in a big smile from your neighbor. Put it on their door when you are already on your way out of the house.
  2. Go on a family date night to the movies and leave $5.00 for the person behind you in the concession line. You get to spend time with your family and make someone else’s concessions a little cheaper. Because let’s be real, you basically need a second mortgage for that bill!
  3. Create your own kind deed, but do it in the honor or memory of someone you love. For example, I live in Katy and we do RAK in memory of a sweet little boy named Rylen Cowan {aka Smilin’ Rylen}. He passed away at 13 months old and gave the gift of life through organ donation. His smile lit up a room and we love sharing his story to honor him. We placed a bag of pennies at the penny horse in Kroger with his picture this past year. This RAK honored him, made his parents smile, and touched numerous little kids lives. Such a small act, that resulted in so much joy.
  4. Write encouraging words on notecards and leave them on windshields in the grocery store parking lot. We all know we will end up at the store about 12 times during the week. Make them as a family and then stick them in your purse or car so they will be a quick and easy grab on one of those many trips.
  5. Write a happy or encouraging note or picture on the sidewalk with chalk. Your kids will kill a few minutes being entertained and joggers and people walking their dogs will get a quick smile.
  6. Hold the door open for someone. This is so simple and is sure to make someone smile. That smile will be even bigger if a cute kiddo is doing the door holding.
  7. Schedule a park playdate and take a treat for another family at the park. For example, taking a kite or extra bubbles to gift to another family would be simple and help them create some fun memories too!
  8. Encourage your child to thank someone at school. A thank you note for a cafeteria worker or janitor would be perfect. These are some of the unsung heroes in our schools. They nourish our little ones and make sure everything stays clean. I legit struggle with keeping my house clean and sometimes feeding my kids resembles feeding time at the zoo. These workers do this for thousands every day. They need a HUGE thank you!                                                                                                            
    11 Easy Random Acts of Kindness for the Entire Family | Houston Moms Blog
  9. Leave dollar bills with a note in the dollar bins at Target. I personally found a dollar in there one day and saved the cute note attached to pay it forward. You better believe that I thought I won the lotto when I found it! I live for that Target dollar section. But we need to call it like it is, the Target $45 section because you are not getting out of it for less.
  10. Take some treats to the nearest fire station. Your kids will have a blast interacting with the firefighters and seeing the trucks up close. So this basically doubles as a field trip. Cookies work, but veggie trays might be nice too {just in case we have some of those firefighter calendar guys in the house}. It’s ok, you can pretend your don’t know what calendar I am talking about. Wink, Wink!
  11. Learn to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in another language. Houston and the Greater Houston areas are rich with culture and so diverse in the nationalities of its population. If you have a friend or acquaintance in your life that speaks another language, learn to say a phrase or two in that language. It shows you care enough to learn more about their background and opens the lines of communication up to learning more about their heritage. Being in this area means we have the opportunity to learn so much about people from all over the world. What a gift!

The acts don’t have to be big. Keep things small and reasonable so that you can feel great about adding them to your day, week, or on the regular. Being intentional about sharing kindness with others is such an important life lesson we can pass on to our children. Don’t just encourage them to participate, be the example. Let them see you be a light in this world and allow them to be proud of you as well. For more ideas check out  RandomActsofKindness.org to keep the fun going year round. Houston Moms Blog would love to see your #RAKday activities. Snap a picture and add #houstonmomsblog and #RAKday. We look forward to seeing you spreading the love around our great city!

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