Laura A

Laura A. is a small town girl who loves her family fiercely. She married her high school sweetheart, Mark, in 2007 while they were finishing college at Stephen F. Austin State University. After graduating from SFA they landed in Katy. They have been blessed with two kiddos:: Amelia {2012} and Owen {2015}. Laura is a Jesus loving, bright lipstick wearing, food allergy advocating, lover of cooking ball of sass! If you see Laura rolling in her minivan and dancing like a lunatic it is because her playlist is cycling between Ludacris and Lauren Daigle. Because balance. If she is not with family or at work, you can almost always find her at Hobby Lobby or Target. If you even whisper the word craft in her presence she will approach you and ask to join you. Don’t be alarmed, this is totally normal. Crafting is her love language. She is convinced Jesus used a heavy hand of glitter when he designed her because she believes the world could always use a little extra sparkle. She has a suspicion that same bottle of glitter was totally used on Dolly Parton {they might be soul sisters}. Having a Dolly level wardrobe of sequins could be on her to do list. You can follow Laura on Instagram {@laurabethacosta} to peek into what all of this craziness looks like on the daily.

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This Is Us :: Emotionally Coping Without the Ice Cream

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