12 Things To Do Before Your Due Date

For those expecting mommies out there, there are probably lots of things running through your mind and on your to-do list as your due date approaches. Some are necessary, some not so much. Of course everyone wants to have the nursery in Pinterest-perfect shape, but the reality is that the baby probably won’t even sleep in there right away. On the other hand, there are a number of tasks {like install the car seat} that do need to get done prior to d-day. And since I am more than halfway to my due date with baby #3, this list has been on my mind quite a bit lately. So today I am sharing my list of 12 things to do before your due date, and please feel free to chime in with anything I might have missed too!

Things To Do Before Your Due Date

1.} Register at the Hospital {or wherever you plan to deliver}

I, of course, registered for both of my first 2 deliveries, but I remember the hospital staff STILL asking me many questions when I arrived and was struggling through contractions. I specifically remember being asked what my learning style was. Learning style?? Epidural is my learning style!! So this time when I go to register, I am really going to push them on the issue. Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE there are no other papers I can fill out? Do you promise to not ask any additional questions once I am in labor?!?

2.} Make Photography Arrangements

If you want newborn pictures taken, it is best to have a plan before the baby arrives. Research photographers and contact them now. {For a list of HMB recommendations, be sure to check out our Family Directory.}  Or if you plan to snap some pictures yourself like we did, prepare in advance with props {basket, blankets/fur, baby girl headbands or baby boy hats, etc}.

3.} Consider Major Events or Holidays

If your due date falls close to any major holidays, get a jump start on the planning before you are busy with a newborn. My first baby was due on December 7th {although she actually came on the 16th!}, so I did all my Christmas shopping before she was born. It was the first and only year I was ever done with gifts that early.

4.} Make and Freeze Meals

Remember Mandy’s post about the Freezer Meal Cooking Club? Now would be a great time to organize this with some friends.

5.} Go on a Baby Moon

The best time to do this is in your second trimester. However, if you are already past that, it’s not too late! Check with your doctor about any travel restrictions, and if you have the okay – then go for it. Depending on how far along you are, you may not be super energetic, so think beach vacation or something else relaxing. Even a little staycation would be nice if it is getting really close to your due date.

6.} Make Arrangements for Siblings and Pets

Talk to your family, friends, or neighbors to see who might be willing and available to help out when it’s time for delivery. Try to have a couple different options in case someone is unavailable when the time comes. Our neighbors were sweet enough to be prepared for a middle-of-the-night phone call if my parents weren’t able to come over quick enough.

7.} Pack Your Hospital Bag

I won’t go into detail here since there is a whole post you can check out with all of your hospital bag must-haves. But just so you know, it’s really not that much. Leave your diapers and undies at home. The hospital will hook you up. {Ginormous mesh panties? Yes, please!}

8.} Deep Clean Your House

You are probably in that nesting phase anyway, and wanting everything to be organized and ready for baby. However, you might not have any energy to do it yourself. Splurge and hire someone to give your house a deep clean when you get close to your due date.

9.} Assign Dates for Family Members

Once the baby is born, family members will be dying to come meet him/her. But sometimes too many visitors can be less helpful and more stressful. Have a plan and communicate it so everyone can plan accordingly. If both sides of the family have offered to come stay and help, let them know which will come first. Or if you would rather have a few days to yourself before visitors come, let that be known ahead of time.

10.} Install the Car Seat

Search by zip code to find the nearest car seat inspection station, and then call ahead to make an appointment.

11.} Make Busy Bags

If you already have kids, check out this post on on doing a busy bag swap. Or the easier option would be to buy a couple new activities to help entertain the kids as your family adjusts to a new baby {think coloring book, stickers, board game, movie, etc}.

12.} Get a Pedicure and Haircut

Okay, this one is not actually necessary, but it is definitely a nice to-do. Once the baby is born and your life revolves around an eat-play-sleep {or something like that} schedule, it may be hard to sneak away for any personal time early on {especially if you are breastfeeding}. And as un-glamorous as you may feel during labor, having a fresh mani/pedi or hairstyle can make a big difference.

Now all there is left to do is sit back and wait for baby to arrive! Or tackle your own personal to-do list of 100 other things you want to get done before your due date. Either way, good luck!


  1. Great post Jana! This is a must-read list to anyone expecting and I will be printing this just so I can have a friendly reminder of everything I need to work on this fall!


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