20 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

Now that all the grocery stores are selling pumpkins and the local pumpkin patches are open, I’m sure many of you have started buying pumpkins to have around the house or porch. We grew up carving pumpkins every year as a family, and it is something I always loved and definitely want to start in our family. However, pumpkin carving is usually done closer to Halloween since the pumpkins don’t last as long once carved. And it is not so easy for small children to do. Luckily, there are so many other fall pumpkin ideas! There are plenty of kid and mom friendly ways to decorate for all levels of craftiness. Don’t forget to click on the links to see examples or tutorials.


1} Sequins :: Create stripes, chevon, a monogram, or other pattern

2} Write out a Message :: Boo, Happy Halloween, Trick, Treat, Fall, Welcome

3} Monogram :: Use paint, sequins, or a stick on letter

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

4} Leaves :: Have the kids collect and glue or mod podge on fall leaves

 5} Bow :: Put a big bow on top or wrap around the middle of the pumpkin

 6} Paint :: Solid colors, polka dots, stripes, and more. This is a good kid friendly option that Becky and Breonna have used.

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

7} Stickers :: Easy way for even the youngest kids to participate

8} Mummy :: Wrap with gauze and add googly eyes

9} Floral :: Cover with fall colored floral pieces

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

10} Pumpkin Family :: Glue on eyelashes for mom, mustache for dad, bow for girl, bow tie for boy, paci for baby

11} Spider and Cobwebs :: Draw a big cobweb or use that fake stretchy cobweb and glue or dangle plastic spiders from yarn

12} Ribbon :: Vertical stripes around the pumpkin

 20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog 

13} Book Page :: Use mod podge and cover with old book pages

14} Mr. Potato Head :: Great for kids to stick on all the parts

15} Glitter :: Paint on glue or spray adhesive and shake on the glitter. Amy did hers in gold which I love.

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

16} Masks :: Cut out or buy a masquerede type mask

17} Polka Dots :: Painted on, stickers, buttons, sequins, or jewels

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

18} Witches hat :: Buy or make a black sparkly hat out of paper or felt and glue on top

19} Dotted Swirls :: Use sequins, jewels, or puff paint to create swirly designs

20} All of the Above :: Give the kids a huge variety of craft supplies and see how creative they can get. We did this with some kids from our youth group and it was a big hit!

20 Fall Pumpkin Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

 Now you tell us, what is your favorite way to decorate a pumpkin?



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