3 Ways The Family Backpack Can Make Traveling Easier

We are excited to be partnering with The Family Backpack to bring you this sponsored post. If your family loves to travel, then this is an experience not to be missed!

My family and I have BIG dreams of traveling to all of our dream locales one day.  A snow-filled vacation is at the top of my son’s list.  A trip to Disney is what my little girl’s dreams are made of.  My husband wants to head anywhere north where nature abounds and there’s views for miles.  And me?  I just want a white sand beach, crystal clear water, and a frozen cocktail in my hand.  {That’s not too much to ask, is it?!}  But can I be honest for a minute…  Even thinking about family travel gives me hives.  The coordinating drives and/or airfare, the booking hotels and restaurants and excursions, and the packing — oh, the packing.  I just can’t.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn about a brand new resource that combines my love for catching up on the latest blogs and my desire for family travel.  Friends, meet The Family Backpack.  Simply put, this website takes the best of the best family travel blogs and makes the curated content searchable for both International and Domestic travel. This enables busy parents to plan family vacations much faster and easier while still feeling like they put some time into their vacation research. Perfection, right?!

I’ve just recently started searching and reading through it myself, but I’ve already discovered three key ways that The Family Backpack will make my family travel easier.  Naturally, I just had to share with you…


Daydreaming about where to go?  Or maybe you know where you want to go, but you’re not quite sure where to start?    Thankfully, The Family Backpack is a treasure trove of planning resources.  Check out the Inspiration tab for everything from Bucket Lists to travel stories.  Or use the search feature to type in your destination and see what appears!


So, you’ve got your tickets booked and your rooms reserved.  What now?  I’ll tell you…  Visit The Family Backpack’s Before You Travel tab to find travel tips and then surf on over to the Packing tab to read about what to bring.


You’re on your way – congratulations!  But what happens when you hit an inevitable blip in the road and need to make a quick change-a-roo … or when your kids are hangry and you’re searching for a family-friendly restaurant that won’t side-eye you and your kids.  Again, just use that nifty little search feature and type in anything you may need.  Instead of being led down a rabbit trail also known as the world wide web, you can quickly and easily find vetted resources that are mom-approved.

While my family and I may not be avid world travelers {yet!}, I love that this site makes those goals a bit more attainable.  Plus, as an aspiring #momboss myself, I absolutely love the story behind The Family Backpack.  You see, like many of us busy mamas juggling work life / mom life / and all the things, Andrea Khan decided that after being a stay-at-home mom with three kids for 8+ years, she wanted to transition from Domestic Diva to full-blown mompreneur with the launch of The Family Backpack.  After all, she LOVES to travel, always has, and her family has been all throughout the United States from Disney to waterparks, and internationally through Canada, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Turkey, St. Martin, and more — all with kids in tow. {Squad goals.}  So naturally, launching a comprehensive website that makes family travel a breeze was the perfect way for her to chase her dreams and make a grand entrance back into the workforce.

Andrea’s goal was to create an online guide helping families plan vacations from international travel to road trips in the United States while also providing insight and tips once the vacation has been planned. Basically, she wanted to take some of the best family travel blog posts and compile them on one easy-to-search site.  And while The Family Backpack is still in the early stages of growth, I have to say — mission accomplished, mama.  And for me, what’s more fun than supporting another mom’s dreams while planning the perfect vacay for my own fam?  Not sure about you, but I can’t think of much better!

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