30 Going on 13 :: Mom Sleepovers Are a Thing and We Are Here for It

30 Going on 13:: Mom Sleepovers Are a Thing and We Are Here for It | Houston Moms Blog

As moms, our minds go about a million miles an hour all day every day. We move from one task to another, because that is what we do. We are the keeper of the things, and the maker of things happening. In that bustle of life, we sometimes forget that we need a pause button.  I just keep envisioning that stupid red button from the Office Max commercials. Moms need a giant red button to hit to say, “Hold up, I need a hot second to recharge.”

Girls’ weekends, being whisked away to some fun place, seem wonderful in theory. However, kids sports, over-scheduled weekends, and a slew of other things tend to chain us to our home base, at least in this season of life. My fellow mama girlfriends and I recognized that struggle. We knew we needed something and it needed to be feasible for the reality that is being a mom of tiny people. Born from exhaustion and hope, the Mom Sleepover sprang forth. I don’t mean one of those seedy “slumber” parties that are for “special” products. I mean a legit pajama matching, food and drink indulging, laughter filled overnight get together. That’s right, I said it. 30 something Mamas can get back to the 13 year old sleepover and literally be brought back to life. You don’t need much to make it happen. That sentence alone is magic to any mama’s ear. Low effort with big rewards.

Quick Guide to a Mom Sleepover

Keep it Local. We have hosted our sleepovers at each other’s homes {of course we kick out our families} and most recently at a beautifully secluded farmhouse right outside of our hometown. It is easier for all of us to commit if we don’t have to take into consideration travel time and the cost of accommodations. We start on a Friday evening and end Saturday after breakfast. Easy peasy.

Peer Pressure. So many times we say, “Don’t give in to peer pressure,” but not this time. This time we want you to peer pressure the mess out of your friends. Get them there. Remind them that one night away in the same city is the perfect compromise to getting away. Also, step outside of your regular circle. Invite that mom friend who you are just getting to know. My personal circle has grown from new people showing up. I have gained dear friends in the process.

Matching Pajamas. It sounds silly, but do it anyway. It is fun and something tangible that immediately binds the group together. Our last sleepover resulted in someone being dubbed “Capri pant Heather” as her pants fit like tiny capris. Believe me, if you do it right, you will leave the sleepover with many inside jokes that live on well past the night.

Food and Drinks. We almost always go with tacos, margaritas, and a ton of desserts. Indulge. You deserve it. Our last sleepover had pink flamingo pajamas, so I came up with a pink flamingo cocktail and it was everything. See, another reason to go with the matching pajamas. It opens up other doors to fun.

30 Going on 13:: Mom Sleepovers Are a Thing and We Are Here for It | Houston Moms Blog

Games, Games, and More Games. I don’t mean your Grandma’s scrabble. Get stupid funny games. Games that will make you laugh so hard you pee a little. Every mama everywhere knows exactly how easy the pee laugh occurs. Prepare yourself {mental note :: pack panty liners}. Some of our favorites are Chow Crown, Speak Out, and Taboo Midnight Edition. So many laughs. You can pick up our favorite games easily on Amazon. Chow Crown had us rolling laughing. This video shows you how nuts this game is and also introduces you to Capri Pant Heather.

Sleep in close quarters. Sure, we all dream of sleeping in a kid free bed. But tonight is not that night for alone time. Jam into rooms together and snuggle up! So many laughs and fun conversations will happen when you are trying to fall asleep. Never have I Ever is the funniest game to try to fall asleep to.

30 Going on 13:: Mom Sleepovers Are a Thing and We Are Here for It | Houston Moms Blog

Expect to be tired. Being tired is not a new concept for any of us. We basically live on fumes for the most part anyway. But this tired is a beautiful exhaustion. It’s bags under your eyes from staying up to 2 a.m. talking. It’s sore abs because you literally laughed yourself to the equivalent of a cardio class. It’s the slow moving after one too many cocktails. But is also is the physical reminder that you are more than just a Mom. You are a fun and crazy girl who can laugh, joke, and let go like the best of em’. You deserve to be tired from something you did on your very own terms. This exhaustion has the uncanny capability to completely refuel you until the next sleepover rolls around.

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