5 Awesome Ways I’m Ruining My Child

According to certain parenting websites and the unsolicited advice of other moms, I am doing some pretty crazy things that will surely “ruin” my child.  They say these things are “detrimental” to my child’s development and social tendencies, but you know what I’d like to tell these parenting websites and advice givers? Go to…another website, and don’t worry about how I’m doing it all wrong!  I’m happy, my husband is happy, and most importantly – my son is happy and thriving.  So let’s all just stick with what works best for us, shall we?

  1. I bring my child into my bed at night when he can’t sleep.
    I know, I know, I know.  Children are NOT supposed to sleep in their parent’s bed, according to all of the sleep experts.  But when my child is sick with one of those random viruses, and I still have to be up bright and early for work…it is SO much easier for me to bring him into our bed than to sit in his room and let him cry for hours while I attempt to rock him.  He immediately feels comforted when I place him in our bed, and he sleeps so well with us.  It would be silly of me NOT to!
  2. I let him eat sugar.
    According to health nuts, nutritionists, and most pediatricians – young children are supposed to have VERY limited amounts of added sugar.  But you know what?  My 2.5 year old occasionally has some vanilla ice cream or a chocolate chip cookie. There is just no way that I could pack him a banana when all of his friends are chowing down on birthday cake and ice cream at a party, and dessert is just way too good to pass up every time we go somewhere. For us, it’s all in moderation!
  3. I bribe him.
    As a school administrator, I know that you should NEVER bribe children and that it will surely ruin their lives forever.  But as a mom, I also know that this advice is completely impossible and sometimes bribes are just downright necessary.  For instance, “If you get dressed, you can have this Flintstone’s vitamin!” {Even though he’s going to eat it anyway.} Or…”If you let me change your diaper, I’ll let you play with the PlayStation controllers!”  It makes my life easier…and it works.  Can I get an amen???
  4. I let him go to bed dirty.
    There are some nights where we are all just plain exhausted, and the LAST thing I want to embark on is a two hour bedtime routine with an over-tired toddler. So instead of giving him a full blown bubble bath where I scrub every nook and cranny on his sweet little body, I just grab the box of wipes, give him a quick once over, and off to bed we go.  And guess what?  He even survives!
  5. I let him play on the iPad.
    I know that screen time is the big controversial topic among parenting experts right now.  But sometimes, I have to do something crazy like cook dinner, and the ONLY way to cook and not have him beg me every 10 seconds to “Let meee seeeeee!” is to set him up at the kitchen table with the iPad and let him go to town!  And if you’re like me and “ruining” your child with technology too – check out these 10 free apps for young kids!

Of course, this list is all in good fun, and I like to think that I am doing lots of things right too!  We love going for walks, we make our own coloring pages, and I love him more than anything in the world.  What these experts and advice givers consider “ruining” – I just consider living our life and doing what works for us.

What are some parenting “no-no’s” that you do to keep the peace in your home? Go ahead, tell me. Make me feel less guilty too!

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Michelle A
Texas born and raised, Michelle married her husband Michael after seven years of dating and currently resides in the Meyerland area. In December 2012, Michelle and Michael welcomed their first son {affectionately called Baby Apple} and enjoys spending every moment spoiling him! Michelle is a full time working mom in the field of education and a full time student working on her Master's degree {to become a principal one day!}, but in her spare time she enjoys shopping, anything Kate Spade, reading, writing, and traveling. Check her out over at Michelle's Desk to read about all things baby, life, and love!


  1. Loved this! I “ruin” my daughter with all of the above, especially number 1. My daughter is 1.5, and if she wants it, I also give her a cup of milk in the middle of the night— even though it will “conflict with her learning to self-soothe”. Whatever keeps her happy and assures a good nights rest for all 3 of us. To add to the list, I’m “one of those moms” who let’s their children throw fits in public. She might get a simple “you better behave”, but I refuse to spank her so that she can cry louder and longer, when the tantrum itself will be over within 30 seconds of ignoring it. I’ve always been a strong believer of “different things work for different people”! No child nor parent is the same.


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