5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month With Your Kids

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month With Your Kids | Houston Moms Blog

If I could get a projector to play a video the moment I wake up, it would definitely be the Nike commercial. Talk about the feels right? I have been told so many times to handle my emotions– because I’m a professional at work, because I’m a mom and my child is watching me… the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as a time and place. But if there is a time to be sane, then there is definitely a time to embrace all of your emotions– especially the crazy ones.

We spent last month thinking about the ways that African Americans have shaped our country, and this month we are charged with the idea of celebrating women. Lord knows we should be doing this all year long! However if you need some help getting things started, check out these ideas to help your children become {or support} the great women they were meant to be.

  1. Houston Public Library has a wealth of events that will help you and your family celebrate, learn, and explore the impact of women on our culture. Different locations are sponsoring movie screenings like A League of Their Own, or you can create Rosie the Riveter posters with your kiddos! Check out this link for more information.
  2. Have a budding scientist living in your home? Check out Women@NASA site specifically created to honor the great women in STEM.
  3.  If you are looking for creative ways to embrace diversity, how about going  to explore some of the female sports leagues in Houston. Did you know that Houston has a Roller Derby league? Houston’s Female Soccer team, Houston Dash doesn’t start playing until April, but we’re celebrating all year, right? Don’t forget the Home team!! U of H’s Women’s Basketball team has their last home game on March 4th.
  4. Blue Willow Bookshop is hosting a month long series of female author meet and greets.  You can hear the author speak about their recent work, and also have the opportunity to get a signed copy of their book.
  5. As a writer, I know that there is power in our words. If you can’t quite make it out to any events this month, I encourage you to pick up a pencil and write with your family. You can have both boys and girls of any age write about how they have been impacted by great women in their lives. This will help you open the minds of your little ones, and help jump start difficult conversations that may need to be had with older ones. If you need a little inspiration, here’s my writing in honor of great women.5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month With Your Kids | Houston Moms Blog

We are not just cookers and bakers, we are movers and shakers. We are mother Earth quakers, who rise with the Sun and toil with our hearts to get the work done. 

We lift up the weary and carry the crowns of those that are too weak to see their royalty. To broken by stereotypes to see beyond the hype of being too thin, or needing to step on others with your pointy stilettos to win, and hustle to the top of the glass ceiling that we must crush. 

Hush girl you are a queen. A mother. A CEO. A wife.  A sister and a friend. Your love is limitless when the world around you seems to bend. You are seen by those around you big and small, and by those tiny eyes, that mean the most of all.

Those eyes that look up to you in the midst of their cries while you wipe the tears and steer the wheel. While you heal the cut and cut the crap out of your life that was sent by others who don’t have the right mind to see that being crazy is where its at. Crazy women sent men to the moon. Crazy women write books, heal, march and play ball with the best of them. Crazy women are leaders and teachers and that’s why we don’t just belong in the kitchen. Get out and do your thing, your throne is waiting.  

Write on!

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month With Your Kids | Houston Moms Blog

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