5 Reasons For Your Kids To Shine On Stage This Fall

We are excited to be partnering with Vivaldi Music Academy to bring you this sponsored post. If you're looking for extracurricular activities for your children this year, we cannot recommend their programs enough!

As parents, we certainly love to see our kids shine on stage. What a thrill it is to see our kiddos reach a point of accomplishment when they present and play at recitals. Often those of us who are not musically inclined or never had music lessons as children may overlook the many benefits of performing when we are so focused on the lesson-by-lesson, week-to-week gamut of our children’s music education. So let’s also take a look at the big picture – how does preparing my child for performing benefit him or her?

Discipline and Focus

First, preparing for recitals instills a sense of discipline and focus for our kids. Mastering a piece, having it memorized, and the learning process takes focus and hard work to achieve. Kids also learn that practice makes perfect! Most of us learn by repetition and ensuring scheduled time to practice provides an avenue for learning how discipline can lead to success.

Goal Setting and Achievement

With a performance to look forward to, our kiddos will be able to set goals for what they would like to showcase during the performance. Whether it’s a new piece or new technique they have learned, a performance is a wonderful benchmark to strive for. And the feeling of accomplishment when they have successfully performed provides a sense of achievement for reaching their goals!

Confidence and Poise

Performing in front of an audience is no easy task! The first recital may seem daunting yet once it’s under their belt, many children can’t wait to perform again. Kids learn how to walk on stage, play with poise, recover from mistakes confidently, and manage any anxieties they may have prior to the performance. Performing builds confidence!

Expanding Viewpoints

The process of performing creates self-awareness and immerses children in exploring their creativity. We like to say that kids are “exercising their minds in a different dimension” – playing music and performing expands their horizons socially, connects them with the arts, and nurtures empathy. When performing in ensembles or bands, kids also develop their social skills and learn the value of teamwork for a successful performance!

Enjoyment and Self-Expression

Playing music is fun! Having something of artistic value to share with an audience is exciting and enjoyable. How kids interpret a piece of music and share the music with their audience is a wonderful avenue for self-expression and critical thinking. Our children will also feel gratified and encouraged when the applause from the audience reaches them after a performance – after all, music makes us happy.

Whether you are a beginner student or a seasoned veteran in music, performing on-stage is an invaluable experience for students of all ages and levels. Vivaldi Music Academy not only hones in on the music lesson experience, we also cultivate a culture of performance in a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable environment. From Carnegie Hall in New York City, on-stage with the world renowned Piano Guys, Vivaldi’s Church {Santa Maria della Pieta} in Venice, Italy to the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., Vivaldi students have performed in amazing and historical venues. We hope you will embark on your musical and performance journey with us, too!

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This post is gracious written by Uma Pavlovic, owner of Vivaldi Music Academy.

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