5 Reasons to Get Away to the Hill Country This Holiday Season

JW Marriott Hill Country - IntroConfession :: While I absolutely love, love, LOVE the holiday season – I always get super stressed out and overwhelmed.  It never fails that I end up in some kind of a December melt down where I’m crying into my skinny peppermint mocha and drowning in to do lists of goodies to bake, rooms to decorate, and gifts to wrap.  {First world problems, I know.}  So this year I vowed to do things a little bit differently.  I’m not going to stress about the small stuff…after all, who cares if my holiday cards don’t get mailed until December 23rd or Santa’s cookies are store-bought instead of homemade?  Instead, I’m going to focus on making sweet memories with my red-bearded Santa and two little elves this year.

So right after Thanksgiving, we decided to start our season off BIG!  We packed up all of our red and green gear and headed to the Hill Country to visit our gracious sponsors at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa!  {Remember how much fun my family and I had there this summer?  We sure do!}  And after a quick weekend away that was packed full of holiday fun, we think that you should carve out some time in your busy schedule and get away to the Hill Country this holiday season too!  After all, rooms right now are priced at about HALF of what they usually go for, and just check out all of the special events and activities that are available this time of year…

1} The Lights

Oh. My. Christmas Lights.  If you have stayed at this resort before, then you know just how much fun the wide open backyard is.  People gather, parents enjoy cocktails, kids run and play…  But during the month of December, the entire backyard comes alive with twinkling lights perfectly choreographed to holiday music for their JW Holiday Illumination.  I think my family and I spent almost two hours out there taking it all in before dragging bringing everyone inside for bedtime.

JW Marriott Hill Country - Close

2} Santa

Want to snap a picture with Santa and his beautiful bride Mrs. Claus?  They’ve got it!  Need a little more time with him to go over your lengthy list?  Make your reservations for Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus at 18 Oaks.  Just need to write him a quick letter and drop it in the mail?  Visit Santa’s workshop where they’ve got all the supplies you need…PLUS, a few friendly elves to help!

JW Marriott Hill Country - Santa

3} Gingerbread

When you first walk into the resort, you will be welcomed by the gorgeous Gingerbread Storytime Village!  It’s beautiful, and over the top, and even has characters from Frozen on it.  And you really just have to see it all for yourself!  Oh, and if your kiddos want to try their hand at decorating gingerbread themselves, then be sure to book your spot for the Gingerbread Craft Workshop too.  They’ll love it!

JW Marriott Hill Country - Gingerbread

4} S’mores

No stay at JW Marriott Resort & Spa is complete without s’mores!  And during the month of December, they taste even a little bit sweeter too.  Maybe it’s the warmth of the oversized fire or the dozens of smiling faces all joining in or the fact that they have peppermint chocolate as an option…  I don’t know what it is, but it’s magical and delicious!

JW Marriott Hill Country - Smores

5} The Experience

I am a firm believer that even the biggest of Scrooges would get in the holiday spirit just staying here.  From the lobby to the backyard to every restaurant and everything in between, the entire resort is covered in festive decorations and filled with the sounds of the holidays.  It’s nothing to see two elves prancing down the hall as you walk to your room…or to encounter a quartet of carolers as you make your way down to dinner…or to stop for a photo opp in a big red sleigh as you head to your next activity.  The JW truly does know how to bring the season alive, and it is the perfect start to an annual tradition that you and your entire family will love!

JW Marriott Hill Country - Experience2

It’s been over a week now since my family and I unpacked our suitcases and got back to the daily grind, but we are still treasuring those special moments spent away — when the days were a little bit slower and there wasn’t anything to do besides just be together and enjoy this special time.  My kiddos are already asking when we will return to the land of gingerbread and s’mores and lights, and I just keep telling them…”soon.”

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