6 Things My Cat Taught Me About Parenting

6 Things My Cat Taught Me About Parenting | Houston Moms Blog

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am a cat person. I never thought I would say those words… but here I am. I’m admitting it. And, turns out having a cat around has really taught me a thing or two about parenting.

After six plus years of begging and pleading from my kids, we finally got a cat. I’ve always considered myself a dog person, but my husband is allergic so it had to be a cat. Our black and white tuxedo cat “Jack”  quickly settled in and in true cat fashion it didn’t take long for him to rule the roost. I practically ignored him at first and he kinda annoyed me, so of course, I became his favorite person in the house. So, what has this cat taught me?

Sometimes ignoring the problem does make it go away.

Cats are masters at ignoring you, especially when you WANT them to pay attention. I’ve successfully used this skill with my parenting. Kids fighting? Barbie sharing drama?  Sometimes *not* getting in the middle of a sibling war forces them to figure it out and work together to find a conclusion. Cats don’t care – mom don’t care.

Take more naps {and don’t feel guilty about it}.

Why do I sometimes feel guilty if I want to squeeze in a little 15 minute power nap? Cats don’t feel guilty. My cat is pretty much always napping or making just about any spot in our house look like the most comfortable nap spot in the world. I will nap any place I deem appropriate and at any time that works and I won’t make excuses for it.

Live in the moment. When the opportunity arises… go for it!

Our cat can be hours deep into a nap or in the middle of a serious snuggle session but if a foot moves under the covers or a hand taps a few times – he’s in pounce mode. Cats never miss an opportunity to play “attack and protect his family from possible danger.” How many times have I let something fun pass by because I was too lazy to stop what I was doing to take part? Maybe next time I will jump in the deep end of the pool or play hide and seek with the girls…. you know.. I’ll go for it!

Be more curious {It won’t kill you}.

How many times have you opened a cabinet or left an empty bag on the floor and your cat jumps inside to investigate? Our cat has gone missing for hours only to be found hidden BEHIND a drawer in the kitchen. {Still haven’t figured out how he got in there.} I plan  to live my life more curious about things going on around me, especially if they seem boring or mundane. I will teach my girls to be more curious.

Ask for help. Well, demand it.

Cats are pushy. They will circle your legs, try to corral you to their food bowl, meow, look cute by purring, more rubbing on the legs… and what do they want? More food. Maybe just a back rub. They do not stop until you stop what you are doing and get them what they want. I should be more like this with the things I want in life. I’ll demand help in the kitchen or circle my kids while they play to ask them to help fold laundry. I see that working. I’m sure looking cute and purring will work on my husband too and if not, there are claws. {kidding.}

A nice, big hug can cure anything.

Cats know when you need a good snuggle. Kids are the same way. We have been known to have “Family snuggle sessions” and yep, Jack joins along. Having a cat {and kids} has taught me to be more open about showing my affection and we all know a nice hug is the answer to just about any problem. Sometimes when someone is upset or feeling sad a big hug is the best cure.

One more thing…Sometimes just stopping everything and staring out the window for hours on end really helps the stress level. Now, have I ever actually done this? No, but it sure sounds relaxing and cats really seem to enjoy it. And who knows? Perhaps that elusive and magical thing my cat is watching will show up for me, too!


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