6 Things Your Kids Won’t Find at Camp This Summer

You will find a LOT of things at camp.

Cabins. Pools. Mentors. Food. Ropes course. Intentionality. Silly characters.Worship. Games. Sports. Rest. God’s Truth.

But there are 6 things you will not find at camp, especially at T Bar M camps.

1. Parents

At camp, kids “grow taller on the inside.” During a week sans parents, children gain confidence, knowledge and experiences from doing it on their own. Sure, they have solid examples and guidance from their coaches who get their guidance from Jesus. But this is a week where they are doing it themselves.

2. Technology

There is a small detox process when campers realize there are not screens to occupy their time and thoughts. That process usually lasts about … three minutes. It doesn’t take long for kids to start seeing what is in front of them: crazy adventures you retell those standing near you, digging into real and authentic relationships with coaches and cabinmates, staring up at the stars and simply letting your thoughts wander. 

3. Homework

Homework has NO place at camp. Boo. But, we will let you in on a little secret … they will be learning all.day.long. They won’t notice the life lessons that they learn through conversations at meals and on the ropes course. They won’t recognize that God is teaching them something while on the ropes course and in a new challenging game. They won’t even roll their eyes when they sit down to study the Bible. But when camp is over and they step into life, they will be equipped and ready to use all they learned in abundance!

4. Expectations

Come as you are. School, teams, peers and yes, even parents have expectations for our kiddoes. While expectations help us grow, they can also hinder some aspects of growth. Camp is a place where kids can step out of their expected norm and be exactly who they are created to be and to be comfortable in that growth.

5. Negative Influences

Camp isn’t perfect … we guarantee that every single person within the gates sure struggles with something. What we do guarantee is this: the influence we place in complete priority is that of Jesus. He offers good and right influences that we given abundant room to impact everyone here. We imagine that’s why we hear so often, “is this what Heaven will be like?”

6. Wasted Fun

“Don’t Waste Fun” is our number one rule at T Bar M. The first moment you drive in the gate and every memory that lingers in your heart after you leave … has an element of fun. The deep breath of relaxation, the crazy slime on your coach’s head, the cabin full of giggles and the skit character that teaches you the joy that comes with Christ all fill your heart with the fun that only can come from time at camp.

Summer is three months of shaping our kids into the adults we desire them to be. And while those three months are a bit more fun, relaxed and sun-baked than the rest of the year, let’s make summer matter for our kids. How you spend your summer is important. Make camp a priority today! Visit and connect with T Bar M today.

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