9 Essential Summertime Mom Hacks Just for You!

We are proud to partner with Memorial Hermann and their Convenient Care Centers to bring these fabulous tips and mom hacks to Houston Moms Blog.

Oh, summertime. We love you and we are glad you are here. But as moms, we also recognize that it can be challenging :: new “routines” {or lack thereof}, fun activities that can become hazards in just moments, alllll the snacking, and dreaded summer colds. In partnership with Dr. Amber Kazi M.D., a Family Medicine Doctor with the Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Centers, we have compiled some great “mom hacks” and summertime tips to keep you and yours as healthy and safe as possible this summer.

1. Winning the Summer Routines ::

To keep kids on a schedule, implement one from the very start of summer. If children are aware that there is a set schedule, they will be more inclined to follow it from the beginning. Due to flexibility in the summer months, changes can be made to this new summer schedule, like later bedtimes and meal times. Also, giving kids fun activities to do during the day will keep them busy and enthusiastic.

HMB Hack :: Find a printable on Pinterest that you can laminate and keep posted on the fridge or other central area in your house. Keep track of making sure the basics get completed like teeth brushing, bed making, showering, etc. We also love the idea of an “I’m BORED” jar. Simply print out activities, throw them in the jar, any anytime you hear those dreaded words, your kiddos simply draw what they get to do next. Here are some ideas!

2. Worst Case Survival {Accidents} ::

Dr. Kazi says, “In the event of a summer injury, the best thing to do is stay calm, and be prepared. If something is serious, it is imperative to contact emergency services or visit a doctor immediately. However, kids are kids, and they are bound to get hurt while playing. By keeping a first aid kit on hand when going to the pool or the park for example, you can be prepared to take action efficiently and effectively.”

HMB Hack :: Know exactly where you will go if something happens. Relatively minor and after hours? Know where your nearest Urgent Care center is. A little more serious? Know your closest ER or Convenient Care Center. If it can wait until the next day for treatment, dial into your doctor at the Convenient Care Center closest to you. {Memorial Hermann has SIX convenient care centers across our great city so there is probably one near you, too!}

3. Keep Hydrated ::

Because children are off of their normal routines, they should be ingesting healthier foods. It’s important that children stay hydrated and active during the warmer summer months. Increasing intake of hydrating fruits such as oranges and watermelon are essential, as well as ensuring that they are drinking lots of water. According to Dr. Kazi, it is imperative to drink enough water through the day, as spending time in the heat can cause a number of problems, such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

HMB Hack :: Take your kids to purchase new water bottles at the beginning of the summer whether they love characters or have a fave color. Do mini-water challenges for drinking their allotted amount of water during the day per their age requirements. Also, I love buying cheap water bottles and filling them up along with a tad of essential oils to keep us nice and cool!

9 Essential Summertime Mom Hacks Just for You! | Houston Moms Blog

4. Beating Summer Sniffles ::

The best way to treat a summer cold is to drink lots of fluids, increase vitamin C intake, irrigate the nose with normal saline spray and keep mucus loose. Dr. Kazi recommends drinking hotter fluids for the throat {such as soup} and taking hot showers so that the steam can open up the nasal passages. Consider over the counter decongestants to unclog the stuffy nose.

HMB Hack :: Stock up on rainy day activity coloring books, new toys, etc, for when your kiddos get the dreaded summer cold. Lots of TLC for this one! Summer colds are no fun for sure. Keep lots of sanitizer on hand too so they aren’t too generous with their sniffly germs.

5. All the Snacking ::

An easy method of managing snacks is having pre-cut and prepared fruits and vegetables, as we are often in need of quick and on-the-go options. Try to stick to keeping more nutritious snacks on hand, such as cheese sticks or pretzels. If there is an option in the house of any junk food, kids will be more tempted to ask for it. However, once in a while it is perfectly ok to allow them to indulge, at a moderate level.

HMB Hack :: We LOVE these DIY snacks straight from Houston Moms Blog Christine. Also, consider setting up a snack box in both your pantry and your fridge for the week. Limit those to one or two “less-healthy” options and the rest “healthier” options. If they eat the unhealthy options by Tuesday, then the box is not replenished until the following week.

9 Essential Summertime Mom Hacks Just for You! | Houston Moms Blog

6. Soothing Sick/Injured Summer Kiddos ::

For sick kids, depending on their diagnosis, what a mother carries in her medicine stash varies. Dr. Kazi says, “I recommend having children’s Tylenol® and Motrin® on hand, as well as allergy medication such as Benadryl® or cortisone cream. Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times, and be sure to re-sanitize after every visit to a public space.”

HMB Hack :: Love on your babies, mamas! Popsicles and a movie go a long way! Bonus points for making your own popsicles, especially if you have other littles at home to entertain. They can help the other kiddo feel better while still being entertained by something crafty. Pssstttt :: I love these molds; I’ve tried all the plastic ones and usually end up frustrated. Yes, they are pricier but worth it…

9 Essential Summertime Mom Hacks Just for You! | Houston Moms Blog7. Swim/Outdoor Activity Safety ::

In order to keep children safe it is crucial to ALWAYS have an adult supervising close by. The adult must be on full alert and ready to take action in case anything happens. Often, caretakers will remain on their phones or distracted with other tasks, but it is extremely important to remain cognizant of the child or children as anything can happen within a split second.

HMB Hack :: If swimming at a pool with friends, designate a parent to be on “swim patrol” every half hour. Their only job is to watch the water and must not have devices. Many swim schools even have badges you can pick up for free too as a way to identify those people. 

9 Essential Summertime Mom Hacks Just for You! | Houston Moms Blog

8. Summer Burn Protection ::

The sun can be very damaging to the skin, causing many substantial effects both short term and long term. This is why it is ESSENTIAL for everyone to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas. The sunscreen should be SPF 35+ at least in order for it to have a positive effect. Mosquito repellents are also essential when being outdoors as mosquitoes can carry diseases. Ensuring exposed areas are also coated with repellent will prevent sickness and any results of bug bites such as inflammation.

HMB Hack :: Kids and swimsuits get tricky, y’all! Put sunscreen on about 30 minutes before you leave for outdoor activities so you don’t have to fight too much when you finally make it to the pool. Also make sunscreen a non-negotiable. No sunscreen? No outdoors. We love keeping ours chilled at the pool so it’s actually refreshing when we need to reapply!

9 Essential Summertime Mom Hacks Just for You! | Houston Moms Blog9. Outside Equipment Safety ::

Bikes and scooters are great ways to get exercise; however, there are many safety precautions that must be followed. One, helmets are KEY. Helmets protect children’s heads from injuries if they are to fall. Head injuries can become severe if they are not protected. Always have an adult present to ensure the child does not wander in the street or into areas of high traffic. Keeping an eye on the child at all times is important for overall safety, as many drivers are unable to locate or to detect a small child around their vehicle.

HMB Hack :: Many stores carry character helmets, special designs, or fancy light helmets – if that is what it takes to get your child in a helmet, BUY IT! No helmet. No ride. Period. Also make sure you get a safety-approved helmet that fits your child. They grow quickly from season to season. Always make sure it covers the most precious parts of the head and should fit snugly. 

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