A COVID Contingency Plan: A Mom’s To-Do List When the Virus Hits

The day we learned a family member had tested positive for COVID, our lives stopped. We had to immediately think of how we would live for the next 14 days. When it hits, I promise you won’t think clearly as you rush, cry, stress, and begin to pray. That’s why it’s best if you have a COVID contingency plan.

As we isolated our loved one, this mom did what all moms do – she took charge. Here is my to-do list for when the virus hits your home.

Build a COVID Survival Kit

Don’t rush out and buy all the toilet paper, but you do need these essentials: disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, vitamins, medicines, and masks. Keep them in a box or bin ready for that switch in your plans. A few other necessities include paper plates, plastic utensils, and anything an isolated person would need.

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Designate an Isolation Space

Where could you put your loved one to rest and recover? Where can they peacefully heal while keeping the other family members safe and sound? We froze at this moment trying to think how we could make it all work {thanks, February Freeze.} Think of this space now so you’re not rushed when the time comes.

Understand the Pediatrician’s Practice

I know moms have so much love for their kid’s pediatrician or he/she wouldn’t be on your speed dial. Call them and share your concerns about what to do if COVID hits or if your child is exposed. Don’t blow up their phones but definitely look up their policies or ask to have a nurse walk you through them. These amazing doctors are working hard right now, and we can put our trust in them once again.

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Locate Local Testing Sites

After checking if your pediatrician tests for COVID {and if they do PCR or Rapid or both}, make sure you know of other local testing sites if the pedi runs out of tests or you need something faster. If these testing sites have an app for registering, download that app now so you have it handy when the time comes.

Compile a List of Medical Support

We all have a friend who is a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, or any other medical miracle worker. Pick their brains if they let you. Have them walk you through what to do if you or a loved one tests positive or is exposed. Do it now so you can have that peace of mind. I am so thankful for knowledgeable and understanding medical friends who saved my sanity when COVID came into our home.

Understand Your School’s COVID Practice

This to-do item can be tricky because the times keep changing. Look over the school district’s plan when it comes to positive cases or exposure. Print out a copy or save it on your phone. We had to make quick choices when my kids were exposed, and I did not have it on hand. And, I promise you will not be in the mood for Google searches when your mind is going at warp speed.

Take Care of Yourself

Have a pile of books ready. Stock up on wine. Call on your prayer warriors. Rely on your tribe. We are in the middle of the unknown once again, so we need space to breathe and shoulders to cry on. Find what gives you peace in hard times and rely on it. Moms are always in planning mode, and it goes into overdrive when COVID strikes. Plan to take care of yourself, too.

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Houston moms, we want to hear from you. What would you add to your COVID contingency plan?


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A COVID Contingency Plan: A mom's to do list when the virus hits. A photograph of Gloved hands both giving a thumbs up. Logo: Houston moms.

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