A Mom’s Guide to Critter Camp… {It’s Not What You Think!}

While this is a sponsored post with the Houston SPCA, we wholeheartedly believe in their programs, especially Critter Camp. All opinions are our own.

Y’all. I’m not sure if you’ve realized but it is HOT here in Houston. And I don’t know about you, but my kiddos have been out of school for a good month. Which means there has been a whole lot of togetherness, if you know what I mean. And gracious, I love my kids but I am always on the hunt to not only keep them occupied during these long summer days but also get them involved in something that stimulates their minds and engages their hearts for learning. {Mine are still a little young to attend this camp as it is designed for grades 3rd – 10th, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I am filing this away for next year.}

Enter the Houston SPCA’s Critter Camp. This camp has been an institution in Houston but I have to tell you, it is BACK and better than ever for the summer of 2018. The educational program went through an entire revamp this past year – so exciting! Why should Camp Critter top your list? Let me give it to you from a mom’s perspective ::

New Facility ::

Critter Camp is now located in their brand spanking new facility adjacent to the Houston SPCA. This sparkling 14,000 square foot building {Carruth Education Center} gives the campers plenty of space to do their thing; whether that’s getting the wiggles out or getting super involved in their projects for the day. I personally love how organized and clean it all is – mom bonus for sure! It left me with all the good feels, know what I mean?

Fabulous Curriculum AND Mission ::

What makes this camp super unique is that their curriculum is ever-evolving and no one week is the same. Meaning your child will NEVER repeat a lesson or an experience. This is SO very rare in the education camp world. As a mom, I personally love that while my kids can acclimate to the facility and directors, they will stay super stimulated the course of the summer. They are on a MISSION to save animals and operate 100% off of donations.  Houston SPCA’s Critter Camp believes in getting our little ones involved because they CAN and WILL make a difference in the lives of animals in their community.

Hands On Experiences ::

I loved seeing how the instructors not only taught the kiddos but allowed them to get in there and really experience the particular lesson. For example, this past week Critter Camp had a vet tech interacting with the campers followed by a microchip scavenger hunt with stuffed animals where the animals have been embedded with the chip. It was just such a clever idea and really brought to life the idea of microchipping animals and why every pet owner needs to do that for their furry friends. Also, all Critter Camp instructors are certified, degreed teachers. How awesome is that? {They also provide classroom support with the Critter Crew, a group of animal-loving teens with a heart to serve.}A Mom's Guide to Critter Camp... {It's Not What You Think!} | Houston Moms Blog

Animal Interactions ::

So not only do the campers get to have the hands on experiences, they also get to visit with the animals at the SPCA three times daily :: large breed, small breed, and small mammals like hamsters and guinea pigs. As a primary mission for Critter Camp is to teach what is behind the rescue, science, and care of animals, there is no better way than loving on these sweet animals. My momma heart just loved seeing the compassion and care these 3rd through 5th graders gave to the animals they visited with; you could just tell that these children truly cared and I can only imagine that same care continues when they go home to their pets after camp.

{Pictured below is “Red” and YES, he is available for adoption at the Houston SPCA!}

A Mom's Guide to Critter Camp... {It's Not What You Think!} | Houston Moms Blog

All Summer Long ::

Remember that awesome curriculum I mentioned {which, by the way, was custom designed by their on-site Education Manager Brin Boyle who also serves a full-time role as the Humane Education Manager.  When she is  not hosting camps, she is doing programs in our schools throughout the city}? Well, this program runs weekly all.summer.long. Y’all. It may just be me, but those last few weeks before school starts back are rough. Most camps have come to an end, vacations have been taken, and honestly we are just surviving. I love that Critter Camp recognizes the need to keep the children stimulated with sessions right up until school begins. Upcoming thematic weeks include ::

  • Amazing Animal Day Camps
  • Advanced Pet Camps
  • Junior Pet Pals
  • Wild About Animals
  • Junior Animal Advocates
  • Advanced Vet Camp 2
  • Vet Camp

I highly recommend you check out their website to learn more about the above weeks, as well as age groups suitable for each one. And I know all my momma friends with older kiddos are giving all the praise hands for interactive and FUN camps that are not just sport related. {Pssttt :: for those of you who are a working parents, they do also have extended days with pre-care and after-care}

A Mom's Guide to Critter Camp... {It's Not What You Think!} | Houston Moms BlogOur friends at Houston SPCA’s Critter Camp have so generously agreed to give $20 off of a week at camp to our readership. Once you register, email [email protected] to receive the credit.

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