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Millennials are the pioneering generation born into the digital era, truly earning them the title of ‘digital natives.’ Not only that, they are also now the largest generation in US history! This has shaped their interaction with the world in unique ways not seen in previous generations. Over 1 million millennials become mothers each year, and over 50% are working moms. As an elder millennial myself, technology has played a huge role in shaping my life. It’s transformed nearly every aspect of our world, including both work and personal. We use technology in the workplace to enhance collaboration, productivity, and flexibility, and we use technology in the home to manage personal finances, entertainment, and more.

Yet when it comes to managing your household and arguably the most important, challenging job of all – being a parent – there is no dedicated app! When you think about it, most of our time as parents (outside the workplace) is spent with our kids and all that goes along with raising them. Parenting is hard. But as important as this job is, we are left with either no solutions, a one-size-fits-all approach that rarely works, or simply trial and error. But does it have to be this way?

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Enter Beehive.  It’s the app working to change all of that. I was so excited to learn about this single app that allows parents to easily track our kids’ progress on a weekly basis, and then based on their development, it provides us with personalized solutions. It also helps families like mine stay organized within our household! Much like how the consumer appliance boom of yesteryear automated many household tasks, Beehive envisions a future where parents have just one app that manages the day-to-day operations of all things parenting. Stay more organized. Track their progress. Maximize their potential. It’s parenting…simplified!

Track Learning Progress

We all want to stay on top of how our child is doing. How are their grades lately? What level are they reading on? When’s that big science project due? With Beehive, you now have the ability to answer these question in seconds. See a holistic picture of your child’s progress with data that makes actual sense and stays with you forever.

Maximize Potential

You no longer need to rely on guesswork. You won’t have to chase down 3rd party recommendations for supplemental learning content. Beehive Growth Plans are created and structured for you by their team of former educators and are even aligned with common core!

Stay Organized

Staying on top of your child’s upcoming assignments and tests is hard enough, let alone all the extracurricular activities, playdates, and appointments. With Beehive, you can quickly enter in these events from the palm of your hand while they are top of mind and keep your spouse in the loop too.

Parenting is hard, but finally, there’s an app for that! Beehive makes it oh so simple. They’ve reimagined what parenting can be in the 21st century! Streamline your life today with the one app that manages the day-to-day operations of all things parenting.


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Bethany Dufilho
Bethany, the daughter of an army chaplain and a special education teacher, grew up moving every 2-3 years. She considers herself an introvert who had to learn how to make friends quickly! She met her Houstonian husband, Paul, in college and they married in 2004. They first settled just north of Houston, where she earned her master's degree at Sam Houston State in School Psychology. After working in public education for a couple of years, she decided to stay home full time with their children, Charlie {2008}, Norah {2010}, and Will {2013}. The family moved to Katy in 2012, where they’ve been ever since. She loves decorating and even had her own small business for a while. She also loves to read, binge-watch old TV shows, talk politics and enneagram, and will not turn down a cup of strong coffee or a good conversation with a friend.


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