A Quarantine Galentine’s Day Guide

When the Christmas lights come down, and the January gloom sets in, it’s time for Valentine’s Day to remind us of all the love and light that still exist in our crazy word. Yes, our significant others are worth celebrating and showering with adoration, but you know who helped me navigate 2020? My gals.

When the quarantine funk came in hot, my tribe of gals grounded me and gave me reason to smile. Whether we were Zooming or group texting, there was support if only through our devices. Knowing they were a phone call/text/facetime away made each day better than the last. They understood the 2020 craziness, let me vent, and didn’t mind that this 40-something mom found a love for Tik Tok.

Of course, I promote loving on your spouses. They definitely deserve a day of extra love for dealing with that 2020 life, but, if you need ways to celebrate your Galentines – here’s your guide to say thanks.

Start a Virtual Book Club

Research a good romance that you can all read together. Or, find a good thriller that keeps you guessing. No matter the genre, pick a book that helps you escape the virtual learning, the constant feeding of snacks, and the mess that once was your home. Read it then schedule a time to meet {virtually or social-distanced} and discuss your reviews. Don’t forget a cocktail and some good reading questions as you chat about your latest book club choice.

Meet for a Happy Hour

When the world closed in March 2020, my gals and I used some good group chat apps to “meet” and “toast” to our quarantine woes. Since we couldn’t see each other in person, it made our hearts happy to see the faces we missed. If you’re feeling the need to be in person – pick a socially-distant friendly spot to meet. A long driveway, an open parking lot, or a spacious patio somewhere. No matter how you do it, commit to the plans and make your heart happy.

Send Treats

Leave them notes of gratitude or maybe Door Dash them a treat. Drop off a goodie you know they will love {we did beers, homemade crafts, baked goodies, and the occasional bottle of bubby}. My tribe made it a thing during quarantine – you would find banana bread, Christmas ornaments, and maybe a margarita. Those sweet surprises went a long way to lift our spirits during these unprecedented times.

Keep in Touch

Texts, calls, or any safe contact is all we need from our gals right now. Ones that say “you are not alone” and “I’m scared/tired, too.” Be a support for one another even if you don’t know the right thing to say. Chances are you are feeling the same, and a good vent session does wonders for our soul. Make the time for keeping in touch and never consider yourself a bother. I can bet that gal of yours feels the ups and downs just as much as you.

Do It Every Day

The number one idea for your Galentines? Shout love for them every single day – not just on Valentine’s Day. We are tired, weary, and worried. We often can’t see there’s an end to all this hardship. Some days feel heavy, and we can feel alone and invalidated. These are reasons why your gals need love not just on a pandemic Galentine’s Day but every day. Send the notes, gift the treats, make the plans, and remind them just how valuable they are to you – in and out of a pandemic.

And throwing in some of that bubbly can’t hurt either.

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  1. It’s such an honor to be a part of this tribe, it’s made up of women from all walks of life and all different personalities. Where some of us are weak others are strong, which is what makes us amazing friends. I never lack for support or inspiration from these women. It’s taken me awhile to find the right people to form my tribe and I can honestly say it was worth the wait.


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