ABC’s of Me :: Jana

ABC's - Jana

All About Me ::

I am a…follower of Jesus, wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend, blog stalker, lover of crafts, and native Houstonian. I wish my life looked like a Pinterest board.  I have a major sweet tooth. I could eat cereal for any meal. The employees at Hobby Lobby, Kroger, and BabiesRUs probably all recognize me and practically know me by name as I am there all the time. I could spend hours on Etsy looking at clothes and accessories for little girls. I really wish I knew how to sew, and I really wish I knew Spanish. If I start watching a movie after 9pm there is a 99% chance I will fall asleep. My favorite month of the year is coming up, October, and I cannot wait for all things pumpkin. I love the stage of motherhood I am in now, but I know it is about to get more intense. My second little lady will be making her appearance in mid October, and I can’t wait!

Best Thing About Houston ::

I have lived in Houston all my life (aside from my 4.5 years in Aggieland, Whoop!), and one of the best things about our city is the abundance of great churches and activities. I love my home church, Houston’s First Baptist, but I think there are so many other awesome churches as well. And there are so many fun opportunities and activities specifically catered toward moms. I know of various churches that offer MOPS groups, Bible study groups for young mothers, mommy and me music classes, workout classes with free child care, and many other things. As moms I think it is very important to build relationships and have community with other moms, and this is a great way to do it!

Children of Mine ::

Cambry Silly Girl

Cambry {21 Months} – She is the sweetest thing and brings such joy to my heart. She is pretty calm and laid back but can be super silly. She is such a girly girl, which I love! She totes her baby doll around everywhere she goes, loves purses, wearing her sunglasses (even inside, on the potty, in her high chair, etc.), jewelry, going through Mommy’s make up bag, and cheese. She is slightly obsessed with the Wheels on the Bus song and show.

Lainey Ultrasound

Lainey {coming soon!} – She mainly loves aquatic gymnastics, sleeping, and eating. I can’t wait to meet this little one!

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  1. Wow the first half of your first paragraph sounds like me I love Jesus, love crafts, Pininterest and wish I had a shopping spree to hobby lobby lol, except I do speak Spanish and I’m a mom of an almost 18month girl. I recently found this blog when my friend posted it on FB, and I think is great, still exploring it. Also I have heard of MOP groups and I will try to find one because I think is great to find other moms to interact with. Congrats on the new baby on the way!

  2. Cambry is adorable! Reading this just reminded me about seeing a facebook post about monitors — I meant to reply but then my toddler was ready for bath time all of the sudden. Anyhow, we love the Summer infant touch. Have two cameras to scan between Preston’s room and Hadley’s nursery.


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