Gift Guide: Adaptive and Sensory Toys for Kids with Disabilities

Moms of kids with disabilities will tell you, holiday shopping for their children can be challenging at best. It can also trigger feelings of frustration and deep grief. Often, disabled children cannot play with traditional toys or aren’t interested in them, and many adaptive toys and equipment are prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, more and more toys and specific equipment for kids with unique needs are now available. We’ve compiled a list of some great options for adaptive and sensory toys available on Amazon.

Switch Adaptive Toys

Some children do not have the dexterity or fine motor skills to operate traditional toys with buttons. Switch adaptive toys are a great option- all the child has to do is hit one “switch” to operate the toy. There are all kinds of switch adaptive toys available- here are 4 options guaranteed to delight the little one on your list.

Bubble Machine

Switch Adapted Bubble Machine

Disco Ball Light

Adapted disco ball light

Fun Gears

Walking Puppyfun gears

walking puppy

Sensory Toys

All kids need and enjoy toys that stimulate the senses. Disabled kids especially love light, sound, and textures, so these options are wonderful for the sensory seekers in your life.

Light Up Wand

light up wand

Fidget Balls

Buckle Pillow

buckle pillow


Calm Down Squishies

calm down squishy toys

Peapod Sensory Chair

peapod chair

Body Sock

body sockChewy Toys/Jewelry

Many children with disabilities have a need for oral stimulation and enjoy chewing on things. There are many chew-specific toys and jewelry available so that little chewer doesn’t ruin another t-shirt or bite down on something else they shouldn’t.

Chewy Necklaces

chewy necklaces in blue and grey tones

Terrycloth Chew Necklaces

terry cloth chew necklaces

Monkey Rings

Oral Massager


Art Supplies

Art is one of the best ways for any children to connect with their sensory needs and develop creativity and imagination.

Textured Art Tools

textured art tools

LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet

Dot Markers

dot markers

Pencil Grips

pencil grips

We hope this list of adaptive and sensory toys provides you with some ideas for holiday shopping for the special little ones on your list this year.

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