Spreading the Cheer: How to Teach Kids the Spirit of Giving

Recently I’ve been thinking of ways I can get my children in on helping, giving, volunteering, and just plain doing things for others. Life moves so fast that it’s easy to become a bit center-focused. So, I wanted to get some easy ways to implement these skills into our lives more regularly, especially during the most cheerful time of the year. Here are some ideas to teach kids the spirit of giving:

box of toys next to a Santa hatPut Out a Bin for Delivery Drivers

Let’s let our delivery drivers, the real superheroes of the season, know how much we appreciate them (and that free shipping shipping savior). Put a bin of water, snacks, or sports drinks, or really whatever you can to help our mail staff on the porch for them to grab when they come by. They work so hard to make sure our holidays turn out perfectly and on time. So, let’s show them some love back. Have the kids help fill up the bin weekly. 

Assemble “Car Kits”

Fill zip-lock gallon bags with travel-size soap, toothbrush, deodorant, socks, snack bars, and whatever else you can fit. You can put a few of these in your car to have available for those in need. Let’s show our children what taking care of someone looks like and not expecting something in return. 

Clean the Park

Take gloves and a trash bag to your next park play date and before the kids run and start up a game of tag, tell them to find 3 pieces of trash to pick up. This keeps them active and helps them feel connected to their play space. 

Write a Thank You Letter

Writing thank you notes is a thoughtful way to make someone’s day and let them know you appreciate them or something they’ve done. Depending on age, you can have your child tell you what they would like to say, trace a few sentences, or even write their own letter to someone special in their life they would just like to say thank you to. What comes to mind for me is the teachers. I know my son’s teachers work very hard and really do try and teach their students, I think my boys would have a great time designing a thank you card for some of these special people in our lives.

Join a 5k For a Cause

In the Houston and surrounding areas, it is easy to find a run for a cause! We get the best group fundraisers and groups supporting great causes. I use runguides.com to keep an eye on what ones will be in the area so I can plan for them. 

Donate Toys

A lot of kids really have a hard time with this one but to teach kids the spirit of giving sometimes comes with some discomfort. Seeing toys they loved so hard leave isn’t easy. But, remind them that there are other kids who don’t have many toys and if we can share and make their day we should. And if they want more, we have to make room for more. Sometimes we need to take some Marie Kondo advice and get to tidying up. 

We need to not only teach kids the spirit of giving but SHOW them what the holiday season is about and how it can look. We can help them connect with people and give back. Here to raising the next generation better. 

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Sasha Camp
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