An Ode to Trader Joe’s

I should start this post by saying that TJ’s, yes we are on a nickname basis, has not paid me or given me free groceries for sharing my love for them. But alas…I am a Trader Joe’s fan! And since I love any excuse to dabble into poetry, here is a little poem from me to you::

Trader Joe’s, Oh Trader Joes
Pretty Flowers and Choco Os.
Veggies and Fruits fresh from the dirt 
and people in cool Hawaiian shirts.
AH-mazing wines and special finds
for all mom kind.
Trader Joe’s, Oh Trader Joe’s 
Thank you for taking care of my dinner woes.
Even if I walk in feeling a little crappy, I always walk out with a heart full of happy.

You guessed it! I’m sharing my love today for this little wonder called Trader Joes. Don’t get jealous H-E-B and Kroger…I love y’all too but I so look forward to my weekly trip to TJ’s. If you haven’t ventured out to a Trader Joes near you, here’s why you should!


Have you noticed that supermarkets usually have their floral departments at the front of the store? That’s no coincidence as marketers purposely put them there in order to link fresh flowers to fresh food products. TJ’s  always has a gorgeous selection of flowers from roses to hydrangeas to mixed arrangements to my favorite, the seasonal peonies. The best part is the price! I find that Trader Joe’s has the best flower prices around and the most varied selection. And honestly, walking in to all those colors just brighten up my day and my mood. I always pick up a bouquet or two.

An Ode to Trader Joe's | Houston Moms Blog
My happy place…right at the entrance of the store!


I love that TJ’s are fairly small in size compared to your average grocery store making it so easy to shop. There is always cool music playing and I may or may not have been known to dance in the aisles sometimes. In my local store, there is a small coffee bar at the back near the sampling station and that little coffee sample makes my day! I can sip and shop while getting a little caffeine fix! Speaking of sampling station, there is usually something always cooking and waiting for you to try at the station!

An Ode to Trader Joe's | Houston Moms Blog

Trader Joe’s also has a squirrel mascot named Sandy that moves around the store everyday. My boys love to look for Sandy when we visit and finding her becomes an adventure for them! The kids get a lollipop or a sucker once they find Sandy and report back to one of the employees. Stores are generally very bright and colorful filled with artwork, color from the fruits/veggies themselves and of course the flowers!

What to Buy at Trader Joe’s

I don’t buy all of my groceries at TJ’s but there are many items that I do love to get there. Fruits and vegetables are at the top of my list. We love their organic gala apples! I also love their fun selection of frozen everything! There are so many dinner starter and helpers in this section. One of my favorite items is the “Menage a Trois” pepper blend. I use those peppers on just about everything. Chopped up and ready to go! Anything that I don’t have to chop makes me a very happy cook!

An Ode to Trader Joe's | Houston Moms Blog

With my three continuously growing boys, a variety of snacks is always needed because as every mom knows…all siblings love to eat the same snack…during the Summer…said no mom ever! So I rely on TJ’s for their awesome variety of snacks and great prices! 

Lastly, WINE. The selection and prices are amazing. Go check it out. You’ll thank me later.

Did you know that Trader Joe’s will open anything up for you in the store so you can try before you buy? They also have a great return policy in case something is not up to your standards. I also love that they do a really nice job of keeping prices accessible for a variety of organic items. Many times the price difference is minimal and it makes me feel better that I am feeding my family organic whenever possible. 

My list of favorite Trader Joe’s items is extensive but here are a few of my faves::

  • All things fruit and veggies
  • Mild Salsa Especial {I can drink this stuff}
  • Unexpected Cheddar
  • Menage a Trois three pepper blend
  • Roasted Plantain Chips
  • Pesto Chicken
  • Shaved Beef {I make a mean Philly cheesesteak with this and their Organic Baguette and said three pepper blend}
  • Wine
  • Flowers
  • Trek Mix

An Ode to Trader Joe's | Houston Moms Blog

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s items? Share with us below and happy shopping!

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  1. The little ice cream cones are perfectly sized for little kiddos and they are just the right size for a small sweet ending to the day.


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